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SharePoint Archiving

Cut the clutter and optimize storage with Symantec SharePoint Archiving

Sharepoint Archiving
You’ve deployed Microsoft SharePoint and your users are adopting it but the environment is becoming overwhelmed with "clutter." Sites are proliferating, files are uploaded and quickly forgotten, and document versions are straining your SharePoint indexes and storage resources. SharePoint archiving can help.
Watch this video for five quick tips on managing your SharePoint infrastructure
Sharepoint Archiving

Reduce SharePoint Clutter and Optimize Storage

  • Archive libraries, lists, wikis, blogs, discussion boards and more
  • Improve performance and reduce the size of the SharePoint index by archiving files and document versions
  • Accelerate site consolidation and SharePoint upgrades by first archiving old and duplicate files

Enable SharePoint Compliance and Governance

  • Apply retention and deletion policies to files in your SharePoint archive
  • Expire sites when projects are completed but archive and retain site content for future access and compliance
  • Enable rapid search and eDiscovery for internal audits and legal purposes

Preserve the SharePoint User Experience

  • Keep the experience simple with seamless shortcuts to access, edit, or restore files in your SharePoint archive
  • Search across live and archived file with SharePoint’s native search
End-to-End SharePoint Archiving Demo
Watch how an administrator creates archive and pruning policies as well as how an end user interacts with archived and live documents.
SharePoint Archiving End User Experience
Watch how end users seamlessly interact between live content and files in your SharePoint archive. Shortcuts provide transparent access to archived documents to read, edit and restore.
How to Create SharePoint Archiving Policies
This demo focuses on creating archive policies for document libraries and social media content such as discussions, blogs, wikis, and custom lists.
SharePoint Archiving