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Small Business Email Archiving and Continuity Solutions

Handle Lost Communications and Legal eDiscovery Easily.
Automatically store your email, IM, Chatter, file sharing, and Sharepoint content in the cloud—quickly and easily, for on-demand search and retrieval.

Why Choose Symantec Archiving & Continuity Solutions?
Give your small businesses a scalable solution to access your email, IM, Chatter, Box, and Sharepoint collaborations from anywhere. Symantec solutions enable you to protect your employees and your company, and satisfy legal and compliance requirements.

Are Symantec Archiving & Continuity Solutions Right For Me?

My organization is in a regulated industry and needs to be E-discovery compliant.
All your business communications are archived and retrievable.
I need to search for documents quickly and easily.
Robust search capabilities for millions of communications.
I am looking to have email availability 24/7
Access secure email anywhere, anytime.
I am working on a limited budget and am worried about the increasing storage costs.
Get unlimited storage for a flat fee, per-user basis. All system maintenance and upgrades are included.

Email Archiving and Email Continuity Solutions at Work

Your email server goes down right when your
biggest client sends an email. Keep the client in your court and the lines of communication open—even when your server is down. Symantec Email Continuity products at work.
You just lost your lead salesperson, and key sales
leads are on her computer. Easily locate those critical emails to land that next big account. Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud at work.
Your email server grew by another 500GB last month
and storage costs and management are cutting into your bottom line. Control your storage spending using unlimited cloud storage with one low, flat fee. Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud at work.

Get Email Archiving and Email Continuity Products

Automatic email & collaborative content without headaches
Automatic Email & Collaborative Content Without Headaches
Hold on to the details that matter with easy, automated, secure cloud-based archiving and unlimited storage and retention. With one low, flat fee, maintain a complete repository of email, Chatter, Box, Sharepoint, and IM chat histories and keep critical business information accessible.
Enterprise Vault.cloud
Simple regulatory compliance with fast search and retrieval
Simple Regulatory Compliance with Fast Search and Retrieval
Stay in control of regulatory compliance requirements. Easily keep a complete archive of emails, attachments, Chatter, Box, Sharepoint and instant messages. Any time you need them, use advanced search and retrieval to streamline eDiscovery.
Enterprise Vault.cloud
Never miss an important client email again
Never Miss an Important Client Email Again
If your email servers go employees should still be able to access email, and those emails must be backed up, and older emails accessible. With Symantec Email Continuity products, it’s all taken care of.
Symantec Email Continuity.cloud

Customer Success Stories

Sirva. Inc.
SIRVA, Inc., a global mobility services provider, needed a more cost-effective solution for messaging security, encryption, archiving, and continuity. By adopting Symantec.cloud solutions has a) Decreased spending, while reclaiming at least an hour per day, per employee. b) Maintained email uptime at nearly 100 percent, improved from 99.8 percent. c) Experienced no data breaches or damage from email-borne malware.

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