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Store, Manage, and Discover Critical Business Information in the Cloud.
Securely capture your emails, instant messages, SharePoint and Box files, and Salesforce Chatter and unified communications in a centralized and searchable cloud archive.

Why Symantec Cloud Services for Archiving and Email Continuity?
Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud securely captures your critical business information in a centralized and searchable cloud-based archive. With no mandatory hardware or software required, the service frees up IT resources and is quick and easy to deploy.

Are Symantec Cloud Services for Email Archiving and Email Continuity Right for My Organization?

Our end users spend too much time looking for lost or deleted emails.
Provides end users with a complete record of their email and advanced search functionality, enabling them to quickly find any lost or deleted message.
My company belongs to a regulated industry and must comply with e-Discovery rules.
Accelerates the eDiscovery process by giving legal, compliance, and HR teams direct, role-based access to the archive.
I need to respond quickly to eDiscovery search requests.
Expedites searches for archived information with advanced, iterative search capabilities that deliver results in seconds.
My email must be available around the clock.
Allows end users to continue sending and receiving messages via their personal archive when the primary mail server is unavailable.
I only have a limited budget and I'm worried about the rising cost of storage.
Provides unlimited storage for a predictable monthly fee that includes automatic service upgrades, maintenance and support.

Email Archiving and Email Continuity Solutions in Practice

Your best salesperson has just resigned and
their email contains information about large sales opportunities they were working on. Quickly find these critical emails with Enterprise Vault.cloud.
Your email server has grown in recent months by a further 500 GB
and the storage and management costs reduce your profits. Confidently expire messages saved on the mail server by providing end users with virtually unlimited mailboxes via their archives with Enterprise Vault.cloud.
You are migrating email platforms
and are concerned about the time and costs involved. Streamline the migration process by archiving your legacy data first, reducing the volume of data that needs to be moved or converted to the new email platform.

Get Email Archiving Cloud Services

Automatic email & collaborative content without headaches
Automatically Archive Critical Business Information
Enterprise Vault.cloud archives emails from Microsoft Office 365, IBM Domino, and multiple versions of Microsoft Exchange Server. It also archives instant messages, SharePoint and Box files, and Salesforce Chatter and unified communications.
Enterprise Vault.cloud
Simple regulatory compliance with fast search and retrieval
Simple Regulatory Compliance with Fast Search and Retrieval
Stay in control of regulatory compliance requirements. Easily keep a complete archive of emails, attachments, Chatter, Box, SharePoint and instant messages. Any time you need them, use advanced search and retrieval to streamline eDiscovery.
Enterprise Vault.cloud
Never miss an important client email again
Never Miss an Important Email Again
Symantec Enterprise Vault Mailbox Continuity.cloud provides a hosted email failover system that allows end users to continue sending and receiving messages when the primary mail server is unavailable.
Symantec Email Continuity.cloud

Customer Success Stories

VHB, an engineering, planning, design, and environmental services firm, needed to streamline email archiving for its small IT team. The company replaced its existing on-premises archiving system with a Symantec cloud-based solution that would also enhance VHB’s new Microsoft Office 365 platform. Results include 83 percent less archive administration time, 10 times faster eDiscovery search time, and full journaling support, an important eDiscovery feature which is not possible with VHB’s Microsoft Office 365 platform alone.

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