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Cloud-based Security for Small Businesses

A company is expensive to operate. Security need not be.
Symantec cloud security solutions offer unparalleled protection with lower overhead.

Why Cloud Solutions from Symantec?
Symantec provides your small business with a variety of security and backup solutions to manage technology at a lower overhead, and with fewer resources. Symantec cloud solutions come with 24/7 customer support, and 100% uptime SLAs. Symantec cloud solutions protect over 31,000 organizations and 10.9 million users across the globe from spam, phishing, viruses, malware, spyware, inappropriate Web use, and data loss.

Are Cloud Solutions from Symantec for My Company the Right Solution?

I do not want to invest in expensive hardware solutions.
For our cloud solutions, no hardware is required. You pay only for the services you need.
Can my mobile employees access cloud data?
Whether your employees are mobile or in the office, they can always access your cloud data.
Can cloud solutions keep up with my growing company?
Our solutions are flexible and can scale with any business situation. Storage capacity and licenses can be updated as needed.
I have concerns about the security of my data stored in the cloud.
Your confidential data is as secure in the cloud as it is on premise.

Cloud Solutions in Practice

It’s 2:00 AM and a new Internet virus has just been detected across the globe, trying to access your data.
While you sleep, Symantec responds to this threat by updating your cloud solutions to thwart a potential breach. At 7:30 AM you open your email and discover what happened overnight: Symantec warded off the threat, and it’s back to business as usual. Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition has your security under control.
An employee surfs during his lunch break and clicks
on a link, that attempts to install a virus within the company’s network. No need to panic. Symantec detects and blocks the virus immediately, without you having to do anything. Symantec Endpoint Security Small Business Edition in practice.
You are involved in a lawsuit and your lawyer must have the entire message exchange
between the parties. They need to search your archives of all emails, instant messages and collaboration tools exchanged. Symantec can access content no matter where it is, even if the emails were deleted from personal accounts. Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud in practice.

Cloud Products from Symantec

Advanced Endpoint Protection Delivered through the Cloud
Enhanced Endpoint Security via the Cloud
Easier, quicker and more effective protection against viruses and malware for your laptops, desktops and servers. The solution is easy to manage and operate, so you can protect your systems in just a few minutes. Thanks to automatic updates you will have more time for your core business.
Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition
Symantec Email Security.cloud
Precise and effective email, spam and virus filters
Symantec Email Security.cloud provides always-on messaging security for incoming and outgoing messages using effective and accurate services for anti-malware, anti-spam, content filtering and email encryption provided via a global cloud platform.
Email Security.cloud

Customer Success Stories

Disti Corporation
Disti Corporation
At DiSTI Corporation of Orlando, Florida, the products may be virtual but the information technology (IT) needs are very real. The 60+ employees at DiSTI—most of them engineers—create software tools and technologies that provide simulated, virtual training and maintenance environments. DiSTI’s customers include leading aerospace and defense, medical, and automotive companies, and the digital files created by DiSTI for these customers are very large.

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