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Information Unleashed


Reaffirming Symantec’s Commitment to Security and Privacy for the Online World

ScottTaylor on Friday, December 19, 2014
Twitter Card Style:  summary As the largest security software company in the world, Symantec has earned the trust of consumers, businesses and governments alike to secure and manage their information and identities. We place the highest priority on maintaining this trust and believe it is imperative to be transparent about our business positions as questions arise across the globe on data security and privacy. We have always been clear that: Symantec does not introduce hidden functionality (back doors) in its technologies. Symantec does not whitelist malware in its security...
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A History of Joint Innovation on Display

Drew Meyer on Monday, October 27, 2014
This week NetApp is hosting its user conference, Insight 2014, in Las Vegas. Given our long and productive history together, Symantec couldn’t be more pleased to once again sponsor this NetApp event. Ever since NetBackup introduced support for NDMP backups way back in 1998, NetApp has been a close partner of ours. Today, many Symantec products integrate with or leverage NetApp technologies, such as: Symantec NetBackup – with Replication Director, NetBackup orchestrates NetApp snapshots, including SnapVault and SnapMirror, using regular NetBackup policies. Symantec Dynamic Multi-Pathing – improves storage I/O performance and availability by balancing and rerouting traffic acros...
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A Step Forward for Norton, Information Security and Information Management

FranRosch on Tuesday, October 14, 2014
I want to share my perspective on the decision to separate Symantec into two companies: the Information Management business, and the Information Security business, which includes Norton. I was fortunate to be able to participate in many of the strategic discussions around these decisions and am convinced that there is a great market opportunity for both of these businesses. However, I also strongly believe that we can best capture the opportunity by operating as two companies, enabling each company to better focus on addressing customer needs to deliver more impactful customer experiences. Taking this decisive step forward now will enable each business to maximize its potential. Setting...
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Acelerando nossos próximos passos

Michael A. Brown on Thursday, October 9, 2014
A Symantec se dividirá em duas empresas focadas e líderes da indústria. Nas áreas de proteção e gerenciamento de informações, as necessidades dos clientes estão mudando rapidamente.  A aceleração do mercado requer foco, flexibilidade e velocidade. Como Presidente e CEO da Symantec, acredito que os negócios de segurança da informação e gerenciamento das  informações podem melhor atender as necessidades dos clientes e capitalizar as oportunidades competitivas como duas empresas separadas e líderes na indústria: Uma focada em segurança e a outra focada em gerenciamento deinformações. O negócio de segurança da...
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