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Business Challenge: License Usage & Compliance


Track and monitor software licenses, compliance and usage to eliminate unnecessary costs and proactively manage vendor contracts.


  • Obtaining an accurate and comprehensive inventory of software licenses and usage
  • Accurately maintaining software license management data, including usage information and the number of purchased licenses in each software license agreement
  • Ensuring a secure and compliant software environment
License Usage & Compliance
Symantec’s license management solution allows you to manage the entire asset lifecycle actively and align service resources with ITIL to optimize your IT investments.
  • Eliminate or reallocate unused licenses, prepare for internal audits, and plan for future software purchases
  • Accurate software license management can help reduce costs and risks associated with over- and under-buying
  • Increase awareness of IT expenditure and operational transparency set by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Ensure software license compliance
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