Comprehensive data protection for your company or organization
Identify and protect confidential information to prevent data breaches, stop data leakage, demonstrate compliance and reduce the risk of external attacks and the insider threat.
  • Address external threats to confidential information proactively using Symantec Global Intelligence Network
  • Gain visibility into the storage, transmission, and use of confidential information to identify highest areas of exposure
  • Encrypt employee laptops, desktops, and network communications to ensure secure storage and sharing of confidential information
  • Increase employee awareness of data-security standards through realtime notification
Data Loss Prevention


Protect Your Data in the Era of WikiLeaks

Your information is at greater risk than ever as evidenced by recent high-profile breaches that involve the theft of proprietary data from large organizations. Many security teams are focused on preventing targeted attacks, but keeping the bad guys out is only one part of the strategy. Malicious and well-meaning insiders can also potentially steal and leak valuable intellectual property. What can you do to prevent insiders from causing a breach? Download our white paper to find the answers. White Paper: Why Breaches Happen and What To Do About It


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The Insider Angle on Data Protection
David Aflak, Senior Manager of Production Services at eSurance, discusses a topic that is top-of-mind for all security professionals: how to protect confidential information and prevent data breaches--specifically from the well meaning insider who inadvertently puts company or organization data at risk--as well as tips for safeguarding data exposed on servers and desktops and creating a company or organization culture that is aware of data security.
Data Leaks for Dummies Interview with Guy Bunker and Gareth Fraser-King
Patrick Spencer, senior director of publishing and customer relationship programs at Symantec, interviewed Guy Bunker and Gareth Fraser-King about their recently published book, Data Leaks for Dummies. Part of the For Dummies Series from Wiley Publishing, the book covers a spate of different topics on the steps organizations can take to protect their data and thus protect their businesses. The authors discuss the genesis of the book, how the topic of data leaks coincides with Symantec's data loss prevention solution, key insights that arose when writing the book, and much more.
Back to School for Data Loss Prevention Education
Are your employees handling sensitive data properly? This podcast is a virtual roundtable discussion on the topic of data loss prevention (DLP) in which industry analysts and customers discuss the benefits of using Symantec Data Loss Prevention solutions.