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SSL Certificates

Symantec SSL, formerly from VeriSign, takes protection and trust to a whole new level

  • Gain a new level of trust with Extended Validation SSL Certificates
    Gain a new level of trust with
    Extended Validation SSL Certificates
  • SHA-1 Hash Algorithm Migration
    SHA-1 Hash Algorithm Migration
    Moving to SHA-2
  • Introducing Norton Shopping Guarantee
    Introducing Norton Shopping Guarantee
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  • Meet FATCA Reporting Compliance
    Meet FATCA Reporting Compliance

Managing Risk

As an IT professional or business owner, it's your responsibility to identify, understand, and take steps to mitigate the risks to which your business is exposed.
Perhaps nowhere is the case for risk management more clearly demonstrated than with your company's online interactions. The unprecedented frequency and sophistication of cybercrime dramatically magnify the threats to your information security and make effective risk control especially critical.
In short, when it comes to securing online transactions, safeguarding customer information, and protecting business reputation, you're only as safe as the Certificate Authority you choose.

Not All SSL Is the Same

Not all SSL is the same because not all CAs are the same. Founded as VeriSign in 1995, we support the world’s largest and most critical certificate deployments. We use the same infrastructure as the DNS that supports .com on the Internet. That’s our DNA.
  • Our validation services process on average over four and a half billion hits per day – with zero downtime in over 8 years.
  • 97 of the world's 100 largest financial institutions and 75 percent of the 500 biggest e-commerce sites in North America use SSL Certificates from Symantec.
  • Our robust PKI infrastructure includes military grade data centers and disaster recovery sites for unsurpassed customer data protection, availability, and peace of mind.
Most importantly, we continue to evolve our protection with ongoing research and investment into next generation technologies to offer our customers increasing levels of security.

Leading through Innovation

Our continuous investment in research and development not only keeps our practice standard the highest in the industry, it helps us stay well ahead of evolving security risks.
  • Each year we make significant investments in R&D, pushing the security industry forward with new standards and protocols.
  • We are constantly improving the strength and reliability of our authentication infrastructure, including engineering failsafe systems to control risk.
By investing in next generation security technologies, we are helping to build a more secure future for the Internet – and for your business.

The Norton Secured Seal

Displayed over half a billion times per day on websites in 170 countries, the Norton Secured Seal is the most recognized trust mark on the Internet.
Learn more
Norton Secured, powered by VeriSign

What Does All this Mean to You?

  • It means that your business is protected by the same leading-edge security demanded by the world’s largest banks and most highly trafficked websites.*
  • It means that you're aligned with a global brand whose Norton Secured Seal, the Internet’s most trusted mark, inspires customers with instant confidence to transact on your website.
Above all, it means you've chosen the right security partner, because when it comes to protecting your business, there really is no room for compromise.

Beyond SSL

Our investment in security extends beyond SSL as we incorporate new protection services to combat the constantly moving threat landscape. Our website security solutions include:
  • Vulnerability assessment to help you quickly identify and take action against the most exploitable weaknesses on your website.
  • Malware scanning that examines the public portion of your site, notifying you of infected pages, as well as the code causing the problem.
These features help you quickly identify and take action against critical website weaknesses – further protecting you and your customers.
* International Online Consumer Research: U.S., Germany, U.K. July 2012


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