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Symantec Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC

This product is transitioning to the Veritas InfoScale family. Learn more.

Symantec Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC allows you to implement and manage highly available Real Application Clusters (RAC) databases. Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC is a reliable, easy-to-use storage and cluster management solution. Choose the appropriate operating system and storage hardware for your environment without compromising management capabilities. Install, configure and centrally manage all database, clustering and storage management tasks from a single console regardless of hardware platform. Increase flexibility, scalability and performance, while reducing system downtime.

Customer Success

Department of Human Resources and Social Security of the City of Qingdao

The IT team of the city of Qingdao turned to Symantec solutions. Results include 99.99% availability, zero recovery point objective (RPO), improved from as much as hours, monthly planned downtime reduced from two hours to fifteen minutes, twofold more citizens and 50 percent more data supported by two-person storage team. View Story


To manage fast growth, AIS deployed data center availability, storage management, archiving, and data protection solutions from Symantec, with support backing from Symantec Partners G-Able Company Limited and MFEC Public Company Limited. View Story


With the help of Symantec Endpoint Protection, Banjercito increased IT staff productivity, saved hardware and software costs, improved its risk posture, and reduced email-borne malware and spamware. View Story

Corrections Corporation of America

IT operations are a business-critical enterprise for Corrections Corporation of America, which has responsibility for the welfare of more than 65,000 inmates in facilities across the United States. In order to meet quality-of-service requirements, CCA standardized its software infrastructure on datacenter availability and data protection solutions from Symantec. View Story


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