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  • Placing an Order
    • How do I enroll for Symantec Education courses or products?

      1. Browse or Search for courses using the Symantec Education online Course Catalog. You can browse all offerings by product group from this page or use the Search features to find all courses that match your search criteria.
      2. Enter a keyword and/or product group in the search box and click Search. If you are looking for instructor-led courses only you can speed up your search by clicking the Advanced Search link and selecting Instructor-Led Training from the Delivery Type menu.
      3. A listing of all offerings that match your search criteria will be presented. Click on the course title to see dates and locations, then click “Availability” for your selected course to see availability details and to register.
      4. Click on the Register link to login in to the registration system to complete the transaction.

      Note: If you have an Education Voucher please click here for instructions.

      To contact please email at nordic@symantec.com.

    • What if I've found the course I want, but my location is not listed on the schedule?
      On the class schedule page there is a "Request Offering" button you can click to request a different class location or date than what is currently available.
    • How will I know that my order has been confirmed?
      After we receive your payment you will receive an e-mail confirmation. The e-mail will contain information about your purchased course. For Instructor-Led training, the e-mail confirmation will contain the start times, location, and other details to prepare you for your class.

      You will also receive an email notification if we cancel your reservation due to lack of payment.

      These notifications serve as your receipt, so please print and save them for your records. If you do not receive email confirmation of your order within 24 hours, please email at nordic@symantec.com.
    • How do I register with Symantec Education?
      Within the Course Catalog click the "Sign In" link in the left navigation bar, then click "New User"?/Register Now to fill out and create a new account. You only need to register with us once.

      NOTE: The information we gather from you will not be used outside of Symantec without your permission. Symantec Software has implemented a revised Privacy Policy. We would encourage you to review this policy by clicking here.
    • How do I register multiple students?
      Each student must have an individual online profile to register for Symantec Education Services training. If you would like to register multiple students for a class, contact Symantec for assistance at nordic_education@symantec.com.
    • Why register?
      Registering with Symantec Education allows you to enroll in our instructor-led, Virtual Academy and web-based courses, purchase On-Demand CDs, and take our On-Demand courses online. As a registered user you can view all your current and past learning items, including upcoming registrations. Upon logging in you are presented with My Training Page which provides quick access to all of your Symantec education information that is automatically tracked for you, including your upcoming classes, in-progress certifications, transcripts and order history.
  • Paying For An Order
    • How do I pay for courses or products?
      You can use any of the following payment methods:

      By credit card
      Symantec currently accepts MasterCard, VISA, and American Express credit cards. If you use our online CyberCash-based Credit Card payment option, upon acceptance of your payment by the system we will consider your enrollment in the class "confirmed."

      When you're registering online, be prepared to:

      1. Indicate card type: VISA, Master Card, or American Express
      2. Provide the cardholder's name as indicated on the card. For the transaction to be successful, the name and address you provide online must match the name and billing address on file for the credit card.
      3. Provide the credit card number and expiration date.

      By Symantec Education Voucher
      To register for courses with an Education Training Credits voucher please follow these steps:

      1. Search for Instructor-Led courses using the Symantec Education online Course Catalog.
      2. View your selected course’s details and available offerings. On the Course Offerings page click on the Availability link to view details, then click on the Register link to add a course to your cart.
      3. Follow the on-screen instructions to login/register.
      4. When you are presented with the Billing Information page enter your Education voucher and click the Place Order button.

      Note: Please pay close attention to zeros and "O"s within your voucher number. If you receive an error when submitting your Education voucher number, please verify your zeros and "O"s, as they look very similar.

      By purchase order
      To establish a new purchase order and/or register for training using a purchase order, please contact nordic_education@symantec.com. Please note that Symantec Purchase Order Requirements are as follows:
      1. Clearly defined Bill-To and Ship-To
          - Corporate Form or Letterhead
          - Name of Requestor
          - Requestor's Telephone number or Corporate Telephone number
          - End User Company stated if different than Ship-To address
      2. Purchase Order should be signed and dated by the requester
      3. Symantec Software, Inc. standard payment terms are NET 30 from invoice date
      4. Items to be ordered must be clearly stated:
          - Product Description
          - Unit Price
          - Extended Price
      5. Currency must be clearly stated on the purchase order
      Sales Tax Please note that applicable taxes will be charged to your order. If payment is made by Credit Card, appropriate taxes will be added to your charge amount.

      All classes must be paid in full before the start of class.

      Open enrollment
      Registration for Symantec Education training offerings are on a "first come, first serve" basis. We recommend registering four to six weeks in advance for instructor-led courses. We must receive payment within two business days in order to confirm your registration.

    • What happens if I do not send my payment in time?
      If Symantec Education does not receive your payment within 48 hours after the order was placed the reservation will be canceled and you will need to place your order again.
    • Is it possible to receive an invoice before the course start date?
      Symantec Education does not generate invoices until after the course has ended.
  • Rescheduling or Canceling a Registration
    • How can I cancel or reschedule a course?
      In order to reschedule your course or cancel your course and receive a full refund, changes to your order must be received in writing and sent to nordic_education@symantec.com at least 10 business days prior to the course start date for Instructor Led and Virtual Academy courses. Any cancellations made after the 10 business day window will be charged at 100% of course price.

      Symantec will not honor refund requests after 12 months from date of order.

      Symantec reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a course due to low enrollment or if necessitated by other circumstances. Symantec will notify you via email at least 10 business days prior to the course start date. Once notified you may reschedule or receive a full credit. Symantec shall not be liable for non refundable travel arrangements if a course is rescheduled/cancelled.

      There are no cancellations or refunds when Instructor Led and Virtual Academy courses are purchased as a part of a training bundle.

    • How can I cancel my online on-demand course?
      Online courses must be cancelled prior to activation. There are no cancellations or refunds when Online courses are purchased as a part of a training bundle.

      Symantec will not honor refund requests after 12 months from date of purchase.

      Exchange of any Symantec online on-demand license for the same material on CD-ROM is prohibited.

    • How can I return learning products like on-demand CDs?
      In order to receive a full refund, your CD must be unopened.

      Please ship the unopened CD, along with a copy of your Order Confirmation notification.
      Please contact Symantec Education Services for the address.
      Your refund will be processed once the unopened CD has been received. Exchange of any Symantec CD-ROM for the same material on an online on-demand license is prohibited.

      Symantec will not honor refund requests after 12 months from date of service.
  • Symantec Education Discount Vouchers
    • What discount programs does Symantec Education currently offer?
      The Education Training Credits program is a very cost-effective way to educate and maintain your staff's efficiency and competitive edge for companies with large teams. Training Credits enable multiple individuals within an organization to access all training courses except for Tech Centers and Custom Learning. See Symantec Education Training Credits Terms and Conditions.

      Education Training Credits,Note: Please pay close attention to zeros and "O" & ones and "I" within your voucher number. If you receive an error when submitting your Education voucher number, please verify your zeros and "O" & ones and "I" as they look very similar.
      Click here to register for courses included in your Training Bundle.

      Symantec Education Training Bundles offer comprehensive, cost-effective training solutions to best meet your needs. Training bundles offer a combination of training components, along with a certification exam voucher to enhance your proficiency with Symantec products as well as explore other Symantec training offering at a savings for you. See Symantec Education Training Bundles Terms and Condition.

    • How do I use my Voucher or Promo code?
      To register for courses with a voucher or promo code please follow these steps:
      • Go directly to the Symantec Education online Course Catalog. and select a product name.
        A listing of all courses for your selected product name will be displayed.
        Note: If there are more than twenty-five course titles click on the page links to see additional course listing pages.
      • Click on a course title to see details and delivery types available for that course.
      • On the course details page, click on the "View Offerings" button to see the price, class schedule (if applicable) on the Offerings page.
      • On the Course Offerings page click on the "Availability" link to checkoutsee availability details, then click on the “Register” link. You will be asked to log in to your Symantec Education account or to create an account if you don’t have one, in order to complete the registration process.
      • Follow the on-screen instructions to login/register.
      • When you are presented with the Billing Information page, please check the "Voucher" payment option, then enter in your Training Credits number into the Voucher field, then click the Place Order button.
      Note: Please pay close attention to zeros and "O" & ones and "I" within your voucher number. If you receive an error when submitting your Education voucher number, please verify your zeros and "O" & ones and "I" as they look very similar.

    • If I purchase a Voucher, how and when will I receive it?
      If you purchase Training Credits, an electronic voucher will be sent to the email address specified during the purchase process. This document contains the voucher number, expiration date, and instructions on how to redeem the voucher.
    • I was unable to use my voucher prior to the expiration date. Can I get an extension?
      No. Candidates must have taken or completed the class prior to the expiration date specified on the voucher.
    • I bought the wrong voucher. Can I get a refund?
      We do not issue replacement vouchers. Symantec Education is not responsible for lost or stolen vouchers.
    • I lost my voucher. How can I get a replacement?
      We do not issue replacement vouchers. Symantec Education is not responsible for lost or stolen vouchers.
    • Is a voucher transferable?
      Symantec Training Credits can be used by any employee or independent contractor within the company that has purchased the credits.
  • My Education Account
    • How do I update my personal information?
      1. Click on the Login to My Training link on the Training landing page and enter your email address in the User ID field and your password in the Password field.
      Update your profile information and save your changes.
      Note: The private contact information you enter and update here will help us maintain your account and contact you with any relevant news and information. The information we gather from you will not be used outside of Symantec without your permission.
    • How do I change my password?
      1. Login to My Training
      2.Enter your email address in the User ID field and your password in the Password field.
      3.Change your password and save your changes.
    • What if I forgot my password?
      1. Login to My Training
      2. Click on the Forgot My Password? link
  • Getting Ready for Instructor-Led Training
  • Getting Ready for Customer Onsite Training
    • What is Onsite training?
      In addition to our publicly-scheduled classes, most of our instructor-led courses can be delivered on site at your location. Onsite training events are designed to meet your needs, while reducing the impact on your business. The course content, agenda and timing can be tailored to your specific needs, or you may choose the standard content for any course. Symantec Education uses a complimentary web-based skills assessment to help determine what topics should be minimized and what should be emphasized.

      The minimum course delivery duration for onsite training is two days.

      To register for any onsite training, please plan four to six weeks in advance. We require confirmation of the required equipment checklist and payment prior to scheduling and confirming a date for the onsite course. Once the date is firmly scheduled, our cancellation policy becomes effective.

    • How do I arrange an Onsite Training Event?
      Contact your symantec Education Representative. Let your representative know that you are interested in a onsite training class. Your representative will ensure your training needs and objectives are properly understood and documented, and then schedule the course per your requirements.
    • What is included?
      The exact details of your onsite training will vary depending on your requirements. However, the following principles apply to all courses:

      -A focus on your business needs and learning objectives
      -Flexible content, agenda and delivery options
      -Training materials provided
      -Privacy and confidentiality: the opportunity to explore issues specific to your organization without members of other companies being present
      -Symantec traveling equipment (if applicable): Leave the technical setup to us; we bring it, set it up and tear it down

    • How many student kits will we receive?
      You will receive the number of kits that matches the number of anticipated students listed on the order.
    • Where do Onsite training events take place?
      Onsite training can be held at your training location, or at an authorized Symantec Education facility. In some cases, we can also hold your training online through our Virtual Academy. This is a good option for those who would like their remote teams being trained at the same time.
    • What if my location has specific security access requirements?
      You should notify Symantec Education of any specific security requirements at your location prior to the event. If special security passes or access is required, it should be fully arranged and authorized prior to the instructor's arrival.
    • Are there hardware/software requirements for onsite events?
      If the event is to be delivered at a Symantec Authorized Training Center, we will provide the full training environment, including all necessary software and hardware required for the course.

      If the event is to be delivered onsite at your location with our traveling equipment, then we will also provide the software and hardware required for the course.

      If the event is to be delivered on-site using your equipment, we will help you identify the technical environment requirements to ensure a successful training engagement.

    • What if we want to reduce the number of attendees?
      The number of attendees cannot be reduced within 10 business days of the start of the event.
    • What is the cancellation policy for onsite events?
      If you cancel your registration 10 or more business days before the scheduled event start date, or if you reschedule the same private/onsite training course on a different date, you will not be charged.

      If you do not show up for the event, or if you cancel on the day of the event, you will be charged one hundred (100) percent of the event fee. This charge covers everything, including related fees.

  • On-Demand Training
  • Symantec eLibrary and Tech Center Training (eLearning Subscription)
    • How long is my eLibrary or Tech Center Subscription?
      New! Symantec™ eLibrary and Tech Centers became free on October 7, 2013. Our goal is to educate our customers on all of our solutions by removing barriers to access training. Offering our eLibrary free puts powerful and helpful information in the hands of our valued customers and partners.

      Your subscription to any eLibrary or Tech Center Training does not expire and you have unrestricted access to all on-demand modules. View each module as many times as you'd like.
    • Is the content updated?
      Yes. On-demand modules are frequently added, keeping the content relevant and timely. New modules are featured in the "Recent Updates" section of the Tech Center site.
    • What are the technical requirements for viewing eLibrary or Tech Center modules?
      • Windows (2000, XP)
        Internet Explorer 6.0+
        Mozilla Firefox 1.7.5+
        Windows Media Player 9, 10
        Macromedia Flash Player 6.0.79 or higher
      • Macintosh (OS X 10.2, 10.3)
        Safari 1.x+
        Mozilla Firefox 1.7.5+
        Windows Media Player 9
        Macromedia Flash Player 6.0.79 or higher
      • Linux
        Mozilla Firefox 1.7.5+
        Konqueror 3.2+
        Windows Media Player 6.4
        Macromedia Flash Player 7 or higher

        You also need to complete ALL browser settings indicated below.

    • When I click a link to launch a module nothing happens - why?
      You likely have a pop-up blocker enabled on your browser that is preventing the module from opening in a new window. To temporarily disable most blockers hold the Ctrl key while clicking the launch link. Otherwise, complete ALL steps below to access eLibrary or Tech Center modules:
      • Use IE 5.5 or higher to view eLibrary or Tech Center modules
      • Ensure pop-up blockers are turned off on IE: On your IE browser menu select Tools > Popup Blocker > Turn off pop-up blocker
      • Ensure that pop-up blockers are also turned off on any integrated toolbars, such as the Yahoo! or Google toolbars
      • Ensure that IE allows pop-ups from the Symantec sites: On your IE browser menu select Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Pop-up Blocker Settings > check that the "Allowed sites" list includes these sites:
        If these are not listed type them in one at a time into the "Address of Web site to allow" field and hit the "Apply" button.
      • Ensure these websites are allowed to use cookies: On your IE browser menu select Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Sites > check that the "Managed Web sites" list includes all sites:
        If these are not listed type them in one at a time into the "Address of Web site" field and hit the "Allow" button.
      • Save your settings, close then reopen IE. to test your access to the Tech Center modules.

        If you are still unable to view the eLibrary or Tech Center modules after completing ALL steps above:
        a. If you are using a company computer/laptop contact your IT department, as there may be additional corporate firewall restrictions or filters which can't be altered by employees. Otherwise, contact us.
        b. If you are using a personal computer please contact us.

    • I subscribed to an eLibrary or Tech Center but can't access it
      If you have received your eLibrary or Tech Center subscription confirmation email (see sample email) and followed the access instructions provided, then received a "The user name or password entered is incorrect." message, click on the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page to request your password or email sesystems@symantec.com.

      To access your eLibrary and Tech Center again at a later time go to Go to Symantec Training, and either click on the “Login To My Education” link in the right column or click on your eLibrary or Tech Center link, then the "Login" link

    • Who should I contact if I have a question about my eLibrary or Tech Center site?
      Send an email to sesystems@symantec.com with the following information:

      • Your eLibrary and Tech Center
      • Your eLibrary or Tech Center username
      • Clickpath you took from login to issue
      • Did you receive a confirmation email for your eLibrary or Tech Center? If so, please include it with email as an attachment
      • Have you completed ALL steps to allow access to modules outlined above?
    • What are the Symantec elibrary/Tech Center terms and conditions?
      As of October 7, 2013 the Symantec eLibrary and Tech Centers are available for free. The applicable Terms & Conditions are available during the registration process of these free training.
    • How do I install and enable Adobe Flash Player in Mozilla Firefox?
      The following instructions will take you through the process of installing and enabling Adobe Flash Player in Mozilla Firefox.

      Note: Steps may need to be repeated after installing an upgrade.

      • Open Mozilla Firefox and go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer.
      • Uncheck any boxes to not install other products or toolbars you may not want.
      • A yellow bar will appear near the top of the browser page with an 'Allow' button all the way on the right. Screenshot 1. (The 'Allow' button will not appear for future Flash Player downloads.)
      • On the next page, a Software Installation window appears. Click on the 'Install Now' button. Screenshot 2.
      • An Add-ons window is displayed. Click on the 'Restart Firefox' button to complete the update. Screenshot 3.
      • Firefox will restart and install the Flash Player. In the 'Install Adobe Flash Player' window, check the box to agree to the terms of the license agreement, then click the 'Install' button. Screenshot 4.
      • When the installation is complete, click the 'Close Download Manager' button and restart Firefox.
      • After restarting Firefox, go to the Tools menu then choose Options. Screenshot 5.
      • Click the Security tab, then click on the 'Exceptions' button. Screenshot 6.
      • Type get.adobe.com in the Address of web site: field then click the 'Allow' button. Screenshot 7.
      • Click the 'Close' button and then OK.
      • Adobe Flash Player is now enabled in your Mozilla Firefox browser.
    • I'm using Mozilla Firefox and having trouble viewing the eLearning demos.
      If you're not able to open the eLearning demo windows, or receiving an error message, add the Symantec Education domain, https://education.symantec.com, to the Sites Filter in the IE Tab 2 Options.
      • In recent versions of Firefox, the IE Tab 2 Options appears in the Tools menu. Open Tools > IE Tab 2 Options.
      • Click on the Sites Filter tab.
      • Enter https://education.symantec.com in the URL field at the bottom of the tab.
      • Click the Add button and then the OK button.
      • IE Tab 2 Options may not appear in the Tools menu in older versions of Mozilla Firefox. If it is not in the Tools menu, it will need to be installed from the Mozilla Add-On website.
    • I paid for my current eLibrary subscription. Now that it’s free, what happens to the money I paid?
      Symantec will issue refunds of all subscriptions purchased from January 2, 2013 to October 7, 2013. Refunds will be pro-rated based on the number of months of non-expired value, that is, the unused portion of the eLibrary subscription. As an example, if a customer purchased the eLibrary on March 1 for $1000, on October 7, a refund equal to the value of the balance of the subscription will be issued. In this case, 5 months of value will be credited (roughly $416).

      Pro-rated refunds will be processed during the month of October. Customers will receive a credit memo notification.
  • Symantec IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Training
    • What are the technical requirements for using on-demand courses?
      • Windows (95+)
        Internet Explorer 5.5+
        Netscape Navigator 4.76+
        Browser Font Setting of Medium (default)
      • Macromedia Flash Player 5.0+
      • At least a 486DX 33Mhz CPU
        At least 16MB of RAM
        At least VGA Graphics capability with a minimum 512k video RAM
      • A 28.8Kbps or higher Internet connection
      • Microsoft-compatible mouse
      • An MPC-compliant sound card with attached speakers or headphones is recommended
  • Symantec Virtual Academy Training
  • How to Print Your Certificate of Course Completion
  • Certification
  • How to Send Someone a Link to a Course Description Within the Online Catalog
  • Symantec Training Bundles
    • Note
      As of October 7, 2013, Training Bundles will no longer be available. Please contact your regional Symantec Education Services office for more information.
  • Paperless Course Materials
    • What are paperless course materials?
      Paperless course materials are electronic versions of printed course materials, referred to as electronic books or E-Books. Symantec is replacing printed course materials with paperless course materials beginning in 2012.
    • How are paperless course materials delivered?
      At most Symantec sites, E-Books are viewed on tablets used in the classroom. At Symantec Authorized Delivery Partner locations, and for Virtual Academy classes away from a Symantec site, E-books will be distributed as either portable document format (PDF) files or as controlled PDF (PDC) files.
    • What happens with E-Books on tablets?
      The student receives a tablet to use during the class with the course materials preloaded. The student will be able to annotate the course materials and take their annotated version with them at the end of class. The tablet will stay in the classroom.
    • What happens with E-Books in other locations?
      For most Virtual Academy Training courses, prior to the class, the student will receive an email with a link and instructions to download the electronic course material to their computer. It is recommended that the student have two monitors during class to view the training materials on one screen and the class activities on the second screen.

      If desired, the student can print some or all pages from their electronic material.
    • Delivery Partners
      Information for Delivery Partners is on the SymIQ for Partners web site in the Announcements section for the geographic region.
    • What if I want printed course materials?
      For an additional charge, orders may be placed for printed course materials for a class in which the student has paid for the course. All sales are final. No returns are allowed. Contact nordic_education@symantec.com.
    • Can I buy the course materials separately?
      No. Symantec Education course materials are not for sale outside of classroom training. You must attend the class to receive the course materials.

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