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Business Challenge: Endpoint Management


Reduce IT costs and complexities while improving efficiencies with comprehensive, integrated systems management solutions.


  • Manually identifying systems that require OS migrations, upgrades, or replacements
  • Information is not easily available to track hardware and software assets to verify software and hardware contracts
  • Reducing security exposure by ensuring all devices are compliant with patch requirements
  • Managing remote offices with high on-site IT support costs
  • Ability to secure mobile devices that have access to company information through proper patch management
Reduce IT costs and complexities while improving efficiencies.
  • Identify assets easily with comprehensive system discovery plus hardware and software inventory
  • Automate migrations, operating systems, patch management, imaging, and deployment updates
  • Improve efficiencies and reduce costs with intelligent software and Microsoft management and delivery
  • Reduce IT complexity with proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and remote management
  • Reduce costs through power-saving policies for corporate green initiatives
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