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WinFax PRO 10.0 for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000
Updates and other product-related files are listed here for you to download.

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File Date: September 19, 2000

File Size: 75,264


This file is a MiniViewer for fax images. This viewer should NOT be installed on a computer with WinFax, Talkworks, pcTelecommute, or WinFax Starter Edition, as the miniviewer will be set as your default fax viewer.

File Date: March 9, 1999

File Size: 4,003


Alternate quick cover page. To add this cover page:
  1. Download the quickcp2.cvp file and save it to the WinFaxCover folder.
  2. Start WinFax Message Manager, Click the Go menu, and then click Cover Pages.
  3. Click File, select New, and then click Cover Page.
  4. The New Cover Page dialog box appears. Click Add an Existing Cover.

File Date: January 19, 1998

File Size: 1,129,939


This file is the WinFax PRO 9.x and 10.x Software Development Kit. Developers can use this kit to provide an interface between their program and WinFax PRO. Symantec does not provide support for the WinFax SDK. For related information, see "Information about the WinFax PRO Software Development Kit" document, Document ID number 1999101218514004.
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