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Data Deduplication

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Intelligent Deduplication in NetBackup and Backup Exec, the smarter way to handle information explosion.

About Deduplication

Most deduplication approaches reduce the storage needed for backups by chunking the backup stream and storing unique segments once. Backups deduplicate well because only a small amount of daily data normally changes (<10%).

Data deduplication makes it possible to use disks as cost effective backup and recovery target for local and DR purposes, minimizing the need for tape media.

Symantec Deduplication Advantage

Symantec Deduplication does more than other data deduplication solutions.

  • Intelligent Deduplication—Accurately identifies object boundaries within the data stream and splits further for efficient deduplication without computationally intensive and power hogging chunking techniques.
  • Dedupe Everywhere—Reduce storage closer to source, at the media server or at the target appliances.
  • V-Ray powered—Visibility across physical & virtual systems for greater storage reduction and 4 types of recovery from one backup.

From the Leader in Data Protection

Why settle for point solutions when you can deduplicate end-to-end the smarter way? Deploy easily with a few mouse clicks or bring in a turnkey appliance that installs in minutes. Learn more on why customers and analysts are raving about Symantec’s data deduplication solutions.

“The Symantec NetBackup 5000 and 5200 appliances act as integral components for building out the more comprehensive data protection solution that many companies want to implement.”—Jerome Wendt, DCIG Lead Analyst

“With deduplication running within Backup Exec 2010, we’ve trimmed our backup times from up to eight hours down to as few as two hours per night”—Sumeet Lakhaney, Director of IT, Fourth Wall Restaurants