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NetBackup with V-Ray Technology

Advanced VMware and Hyper-V Protection

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NetBackup with V-Ray Provides You the Visibility You Need, the Protection You Trust.

Virtualize with Confidence and Without Complexity

Virtualization is about consolidation – so why add complexity and management overhead by adding a solution that only backs up virtual machines? This adds additional cost and complexity, which can negate the advantages of virtualizing in the first place. Instead, leverage NetBackup with V-Ray technology for centralized visibility across your entire environment – whether physical or virtual. As you virtualize more business-critical applications, you want protection you can trust.

More customers have standardized on NetBackup than any other vendor. Only NetBackup with V-Ray technology helps you to virtualize with confidence and provides the visibility you need to ensure your business-critical information is backed up and recoverable when you need it.

Modernize Your VMware and Hyper-V Protection

Don’t fall into the physical mindset by backing up your virtual machines (VMs) the same as your physical machines. As you virtualize more business-critical applications don’t let backup operations impact application performance. Instead take backup operations off-host and on to a backup server where it should be. Leverage the tools and APIs available from VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V for advanced backup and recovery.

Only NetBackup with V-Ray technology allows you to backup VMware and Hyper-V with patent-pending granular and application-level recovery to meet the most stringent recovery objectives. Drive down storage costs with the ability to deduplicate everywhere – the client, media server or target appliance - for maximum storage efficiency because you can’t afford to back it up twice (or more).

#1 in VMware Backup

While many vendors make this claim, Symantec, is the market share leader in backup and recovery, and backs up more VMware hosts than any other vendor. NetBackup, with V-Ray technology provides unmatched award winning, VMware-Ready protection and the industry’s first proxy-less VMware backup appliance with built-in WAN optimization to ensure you can efficiently backup to the cloud or the storage destination of your choice.

Additional NetBackup for VMware advantages include:

  • The ability to avoid time consuming backup administration, unprotected VMs and overloading VM hosts
  • Self-service recovery portal enables VM administrators to do their own single-file restores
  • Centralized disaster recovery with easy P2V and replication and a vCenter plug-in to easily sort, filter and track backup jobs

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