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Symantec Traffic Shaper powered by Brightmail

Symantec Traffic Shaper powered by Brightmail (formerly Symantec Brightmail Traffic Shaper) reduces spam volume up to 80% by stopping spam at the source which significantly lowers mail infrastructure costs. Coupled with any antispam solution, including Symantec Messaging Gateway and Symantec Message Filter, it gives Service Providers a comprehensive multi‐layered approach to combat spam that is easy to deploy and manage.

Customer Success

012 Smile.Communications

High-availability labor productivity gains of $1,447,022. Messaging security labor productivity gains and cost avoidance totaling $724,521. And server consolidation cost avoidance of $474,000. All of this and more have been achieved by 012 Smile.Communications―a leading Israeli telecommunications provider―in just over four years. View Story

Slovak Telekom, a. s.

Mention Open Source antispam freeware to Milan Slovák or Róbert Kocúr and you’re likely to be shown the door. These two expert IT security practitioners at Slovak Telecom were relying on this outmoded approach to tackling spam within the company’s ISP services, however, spam was rife, there were too many false-positive complaints, and the performance was lacklustre. By standardizing instead on Symantec BrightmailTM Traffic Shaper and Symantec BrightmailTM Message Filter, Slovak Telekom now has a highly effective spam filter which defends the ISP service against spam, phishing, and other unwanted email.
 View Story

Tiscali S.p.A.

Tiscali S.p.A. was founded in January 1998 following the deregulation of the Italian telecommunications market. With 10 years of continuous growth, the company stands out as an independent telecommunications operator offering services to customers in Italy and the United Kingdom that include Internet access, voice, media, and B2B solutions.  View Story

Vodafone Group Plc

Vodafone’s Global CIO Albert Hitchcock has been busy under the hood of Vodafone Group for the past four years and is tuning the IT engine for optimal performance—speed and innovation. View Story


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