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Redefining Vision in 2014
Symantec Vision exists to deliver the face-to-face insights, information and experiences you need to secure and manage your information-driven organization.

In 2014, that means creating a series of revitalized global Vision events that are more:
  • Accessible. Vision 2014 will start strong with a multi-day, flagship conference May 5-8 in Las Vegas—followed by a series of one- and two-day events in cities across Europe, Asia, Central and South America. This will bring the Vision experience closer to more Symantec customers—and provide a faster-paced, harder-hitting and more hands-on experience for every attendee.
  • Inclusive. The new Vision is designed to cater to IT professionals at every level—with specific content tracks, hands-on experiences and face-to-face interactions for administrators, managers, directors, C-level executives and even small businesses.
  • Relevant. This year, Vision will deliver more of the information, experiences and connections you simply won’t find anywhere else, including exclusive sneak peeks at pre-release Symantec products, detailed roadmap overviews and in-depth hands-on experiences.
Details are coming soon, so check back often for announcements about Vision Las Vegas and other Vision events around the world.
"Vision is the best culmination of Symantec experts in one area at the same time - a great place to pick brains, learn about the ins and outs of specific solutions, as well as network with colleagues and partners."
--2013 Vision Attendee
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Vision Schedule
Las Vegas, NV | 5-8 May, 2014
Munich, Germany | 9 July, 2014
Paris, France | 8 October, 2014
London, United Kingdom |21 October, 2014
São Paulo, Brazil |12 November, 2014
Bogotá, Colombia |25 November, 2014
Mexico City, Mexico |4 March, 2015