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Our Commitment to a Great Vision Experience
In October, Symantec unveiled a new strategy that would allow us to deliver better value to our customers and partners. This strategy will see Symantec separate into two unique companies, one focused on security and the other on information management. We are working very hard to design the right structure for each company, removing complexity in our processes and focusing on the infrastructure we need to deliver better than anyone else.
Part of our commitment to you means we respect not only the investment that you make in our technology, but the time you invest in building relationships with the Symantec team. Our Vision user conference is one such opportunity, one of the most important face-to-face events we host. Because of the timing of these events and our separation planning, we've made the decision to delay our Vision Barcelona (May 15-18, 2015) and Vision Orlando (Oct 12-15, 2015) events so we can truly deliver on the investment you make to attend.
We are very clear on our strategy and the work that must be done to bring both companies to market by the end of 2015. Watch for additional information to be shared soon about upcoming training and networking events for both companies in the near future.

We appreciate your previous attendance and support as we work to deliver on our vision to protect and manage your information today and in the years to come.
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Las Vegas, NV | 5-8 May, 2014
Munich, Germany | 9 July, 2014
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Mexico City, Mexico | 5 March, 2015