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Are you ready to work with a team that encourages you to dream big and gives you the freedom to define your own career journey? Then we want to talk to you! If you’re still not sure, see what some of our teams do at Symantec. Check out the many different places where you could live and work as a Symantec team member. Then, find your dream job and let your Symantec journey begin!

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How Do You Want to Protect the
World’s Information?

For more than 35 years, Symantec employees have worked, innovated, and adapted to help the company grow from a Silicon Valley startup into one of the world’s most trusted cybersecurity leaders.

Today, the culture and values that built Symantec are stronger than ever—and well represented across different parts of the company that focus on consumers, large enterprises, website security, and more. Learn how Symantec employees around the world are contributing to the Symantec story every day—and find out how you can help us write the next chapter.

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With its mission to deliver the best possible protection for people’s digital lives, Symantec’s Consumer business unit protects tens of millions of consumers with globally recognized security products that are easy to find, activate, and use. The Consumer organization consists of a diverse range of business functions—from digital marketing to field sales, and engineering to product design and support. Within the Consumer BU, all of these individual functions work together to help people and organizations secure and manage their information-driven worlds and protect the data, families, homes and identities of their customers.

Icon representing Enterprise Security Group


Symantec’s Enterprise Security Group helps protect people and information at many of Fortune’s Global 500 companies. As the clear leader in the enterprise cyber security space, Symantec can offer smart, ambitious people opportunities in a wide range of different roles—from product marketing and management to product engineering, security analysis, services and support, and much more.

Icon representing Website Security


The Symantec Website Security team focuses on delivering confidence for businesses and consumers by securing websites and applications. This includes developing, marketing, and supporting a range of encryption and website security solutions—as well as the Norton Shopping Guarantee program. Symantec Website Security provides great opportunities for people with a wide range of skillsets—from digital marketing and web development to platform services and support.

Icon representing Corporate Services


General and administrative roles are essential to Symantec’s success- and they directly impact every employee. That’s why we provide prime career opportunities for a wide range of general support and administrative professionals, including finance specialists, IT professionals, legal professionals, HR administrators and managers, and marketing professionals.

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Symantec internships provide college students with a unique opportunity to gain valuable experiences in the technology industry and gain an important edge in today’s competitive job market. Every internship program at Symantec is focused on giving you the tools and experience you need to develop your career. And with Symantec’s open, collaborative work environment, your smart ideas and fresh perspectives will always be valued, recognized, and rewarded.