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Our Core Values

Symantec is a global technology company. We are also a diverse, vibrant community with strong values and a shared commitment to each other, the work we do, and the world we all share. Get to know some of core values we hold as a company because they are at the very core of every team member’s journey.

See how Symantec commits to our employees and celebrates the diversity that makes us great.

Values that
Define Our Journey

When you join the Symantec team, you become part of a dynamic, supportive culture. We live by some core values, values that celebrate diversity, promote teamwork, and encourage every team member to contribute and grow.

Here’s what each of us believes in:

Think Customer
Listen, Learn Delight

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and we work as one team to protect our customers like no one else can.

Dream It
Bold, Brave, and Agile

At Symantec, we foster creativity and embrace diverse points of view. That means we love to color outside the lines, and we know how to learn from our mistakes.

Own It
Open, Honest, Direct

Symantec employees set the bar high, and we deliver what we promise.

Get After It
Fast, Intentional, and Focused

Every Symantec employee is part of a team. That means we work together, win together, and accept nothing but the best.

Stand Together
Strong, Diverse, Passionate

We leverage our collective strengths, and we work together to help our employees and communities prosper.


No matter where you sit in the organization, Symantec team members are accountable to our customers, our partners, and to each other. But we also believe that leaders are responsible for setting the tone and example of how to reflect our values in our day-to-day actions. This is the blueprint that defines effective leadership at Symantec, setting expectations for every leader, from the executive staff to front-line managers.


Symantec leaders make every employee feel like they are a valued member of a winning team on an inspiring mission.


Be the mission

Earn trust

Build awesome

Rage against silos

Capture hearts and minds


Don't make it about you

Don't hear what you want to hear

Don't be a brilliant jerk or an underground saboteur

Don't be a talking head

Don't wait for perfect information