Symantec University Research

Symantec Research Labs' University Research group connects Symantec with the latest research in development, and with thought leaders and students at universities worldwide. Our goals are to recruit top PhD students, bring researchers to Symantec to talk about their work, and to encourage university research in areas that are in areas of Symantec's interest for long-term commercialization. Members of SRL also frequently speak at universities.

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Symantec Research Labs is committed to fostering innovative research and supporting promising new technologies across the security and availability landscape.


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Internships & Employment for New College Graduates

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Symantec supports research in universities worldwide to promote technology innovation in areas relevant to Symantec’s future. These collaborations also help build valuable connections between Symantec’s researchers and leading academics. In addition, the research trains the next generation of technical leaders. In addition to participating in large labs, Symantec also has grants for individual faculty.

Carnegie Mellon - CyLab

CyLab is one of the largest university-based cybersecurity research and education centers in the U.S.

Stanford -Stanford Computer Forum

Research projects in the Security Group focus on various aspects of network and computer security.