CEO Message

Symantec is the global leader in cyber security. What we do, at Symantec, is not just a job—it’s a calling, demonstrated by our mission to keep the world’s information safe and reflecting our fundamental commitment to make the world a better place. We are on the front lines of defense in protecting data and information. We operate one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks, which means we see more threats and protect more customers from the next generation of attacks. We help companies, governments and individuals secure their most important data wherever it lives.

Over the past year, we assessed the key concerns of stakeholders outside the company and also met with a broad range of internal leaders to get their input into this report. Based on those conversations, we reset our priorities while reaffirming our commitment to secure the world’s information, delight our customers, promote diversity and inclusion, and address energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Symantec continues to support the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We maintain active membership in the UN Global Compact Network USA and participate in the UN Global Compact LEAD program with full adherence to the UN Global Compact Advanced Criteria. We have also begun to explore how to integrate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our business.

While the threat to information grows exponentially, there is a real shortage of qualified candidates to join the fight against cybercriminals. For the past two years, we have fostered the talents of young adults—including people of color, women and veterans to help fill the workforce gap in cyber security. The Symantec Cyber Career Connection (SC3) program provides a pathway for these students to find their passion and enter the cyber security field. Looking to FY17 and beyond, we want to give this program greater reach and have therefore established an internal SC3 leadership committee to support the growth of this workforce development effort.

Environmental stewardship has always been an integral part of our business. We took an important step forward regarding energy and GHG emissions. We established a new goal to reduce our GHG emissions by 30 percent (compared with FY15) by 2025, an ambitious target but one we are committed to reach.

Symantec is in the midst of a transformation. While we’ve experienced a great deal of change during this time, our commitment to corporate responsibility has not wavered. We recognize the amount of change at the company is a challenge that has affected our employees over the past year. We have increased our efforts to support our team by investing in a variety of initiatives to support a winning culture and to ensure that no matter what is happening around us, that we embrace the values that allow us to lead, innovate, grow, and win.

Symantec is on the cusp of an incredible new chapter, to change the game in cyber security. After completing the sale of Veritas and the acquisition of Blue Coat, we are now the world’s leading pure-play cyber security company protecting consumers, enterprises and governments from an increasingly dangerous cyber threat environment. We want to be the example for our industry, to also be a leader in corporate responsibility, a champion for diversity and inclusion, and a protector of the environment. We know that the work we do matters and we will continue to raise the bar. On behalf of our entire team, thank you for your continued support.

Greg Clark

Chief Executive Officer