Managing Corporate Responsibility

Symantec is committed to prioritizing corporate responsibility and appropriately positioning it within the company. We see the continued integration of corporate responsibility into every facet of our business as a cornerstone of value creation.

Our corporate responsibility platform is organized into three pillars:

  • Our People, which includes culture, inclusion, talent and diversity.
  • Your Information, which includes securing information, privacy and online safety.
  • The World, which includes the environment, human rights, supply chain responsibility, philanthropy and community engagement.

Leadership for corporate responsibility comes from the top. The Nominating and Governance Committee of our Board of Directors has oversight of corporate responsibility issues, and receives quarterly updates on topics such as diversity, ethics and community investment. Our Vice President of Corporate Responsibility serves as the central coordinator for all corporate responsibility efforts, setting the strategic agenda and developing specific programs and initiatives across the company in partnership with the senior management team. The Corporate Responsibility team builds bridges and relationships that connect stakeholders with the company’s mission and purpose in ways that benefit the employee base, the business and society.

Symantec employees are kept informed of corporate responsibility programs and initiatives through a variety of channels, including website content, intranet postings, blogs, executive speeches, the Philanthropy Steering Committee, Community Relations Committees, Green Teams and external outreach. All of these actions promote a culture of responsibility, where every employee is empowered to contribute to our long-term success.

Employees and other stakeholders are also encouraged to provide feedback and engage in dialogue through the Symantec corporate responsibility website, the Corporate Responsibility in Action blog, multiple surveys and committees, the corporate responsibility reporting process and external outreach.

Establishing our Priority Issues

Symantec regularly identifies a core set of priority issues to guide our corporate responsibility strategy and disclosure. This analysis ensures that we focus on what matters most to our stakeholders while taking into account a full assessment of business objectives, trends, regulations, environmental and societal concerns and overall risks and opportunities.

Read more about our priority issues in our current Corporate Responsibility report.