Stakeholder Engagement

We solicit feedback on our corporate responsibility performance and disclosures across multiple channels. We engage with those stakeholders who have the greatest potential impact on our operations, or who could be significantly affected by our business activities, including: shareholders and investors, customers, enterprise clients, employees, community members, nonprofit organizations, regulators, channel partners, academics and thought leaders.

Because each stakeholder constituency has unique and specific areas of concern, we engage with each to develop a deeper understanding of how we can address their needs while furthering our corporate mission.


Types and Frequency of Engagement

Community Members, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Nonprofits

We engage with community members through our post-report surveys and email feedback, in-person presentations and philanthropic initiatives. We engage with NGOs and nonprofit organizations continuously throughout the year. These interactions take the form of in-person meetings, phone conversations and volunteer projects.

Customers—Corporate and Consumer

We engage with customers regularly through formal and informal surveys, direct customer conversations and needs assessments, the request for proposal process, delivery team interface and comments and feedback on user community sites, among others.


Employees can provide feedback to Symantec in several ways, including: commenting on blogs and articles on our intranet, meeting with their managers and contacting the Employee Communications and/or the Human Resources team. Regular all-company meetings offer employees an open forum to ask questions; Symantec also provides access to a form where employees can ask questions at any time, with or without using their contact information. Our internal communication platform, SymInfo, provides a commenting section that is monitored by many individuals to ensure timely and appropriate follow up.

Governments and Regulators

We engage with government agencies and police forces around the world to provide training in the cybersecurity environment. We maintain a continuous presence and relationships with national and regional governments with regard to providing input into sector-related public policy and legislation. We engage with regulators on a formal schedule of interaction, depending on the norms of the particular regulatory body.


We engage with investors on a daily, weekly and monthly basis through individual calls and meetings. We hold quarterly earnings calls and participate in various investor conferences and events throughout the year. The CR team also engages with analysts on a number of ratings and rankings initiatives, such as FTSE4Good, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and the Carbon Disclosure Project.


We communicate our expectations regarding corporate responsibility performance to suppliers through our procurement and contracting process. We provide suppliers with our supplier codes of conduct and conflict-minerals policy. We engage with our suppliers in various ways. We communicate our expectations and requirements through our procurement and contracting process. We work with suppliers on changes to products and packaging and on various other aspects, for example Human Trafficking and Conflict Minerals.

We welcome your continued feedback and ask that you complete our brief feedback survey. You can also email us and visit our Corporate Responsibility in Action blog.