Symantec’s MSS & IR service protects ABS-CBN network from cyber attacks

SOC-run MSS watches the network 24/7

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Set up in 1953, ABS-CBN is the Philippines’ leading information and entertainment multi-media conglomerate. With the rapid growth of its digital content and online businesses, ABS-CBN realized that it needed to continuously monitor network to ensure it was not compromised. After assessing various options, ABS-CBN found Symantec’s managed security service (MSS) and incident response (IR) service best suited its needs.

The Challenge

With an increasing online presence ABS-CBN realized that it needed to monitor its network to ensure that it did not suffer crippling cyber-attacks. Initially, the company set up an information security group within the organization tasked with the job of devising a cybersecurity strategy and to keep the network safe. ABS-CBN quickly realized that 24/7 network monitoring required a huge amount of resources and manpower. It decided that the best course of action would be to outsource the job to a specialist vendor like Symantec. While in the process of outsourcing the work, ABS-CBN suffered a data breach in which personal information, including credit card details, were stolen from two online stores. ABS-CBN reached out to Symantec’s incident responses (IR) team for a forensic analysis of the data breach in order to understand its ramifications. The IR team came back within 48 hours with a comprehensive report that helped to calm both internal as well as external stakeholders.

The Solution

Symantec’s Managed Security Service (MSS) continuously monitors ABS-CBN’s network 24/7 for any threats. It does this through four security operations centers (SOCs) in the Asia Pacific region, located in Singapore, Sydney, Japan and Chennai. This continuous monitoring ensures that ABS-CBN’s network remains safe. Symantec’s IR team, with which ABS-CBN has a contract, is on standby to do a forensic examination in case of any data breach. This includes understanding the source of the breach and following the information trail, sometimes even into the Dark Web. This ensures that in the event of a data breach, the loss suffered is minimized.


  • ABS-CBN’s network is monitored 24/7 by experienced security personnel.
  • While ABS-CBN needs to just deal with Symantec’s Singapore-based SOC, the monitoring work is distributed among four SOCs (including Singapore) in this region to enable efficient monitoring at all times.
  • With the time and resource consuming work of network monitoring outsourced, ABS-CBN’s information security team can now concentrate on other important tasks that require their attention.
  • ABS-CBN’s Symantec IR (incident response) retainer ensures that the company will have immediate help at hand in case of a future data breach.
  • As ABS-CBN’s digitalization progresses, it can add any new security products on Symantec’s stack of existing services.

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