Effective endpoint management key to cyber security success

McKesson Specialty Health looked to Symantec to secure their complex endpoint ecosystem.

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McKesson Specialty Health has been using Symantec IT Management Suite since 2007 and have used it to centrally manage thousands of endpoints throughout the company all while freeing up administrative time and reducing the management effort required. When McKesson Specialty Health upgraded to ITMS 8.5, they got instant visibility into their endpoint agents, allowing them to fix any issues on the fly with just a few clicks.

The Challenge

McKesson Specialty Health has more than 5,000 employees scattered across the country. Before they adopted ITMS, everyone with a laptop had administrative rights which left them vulnerable to attacks. Once the Endpoint Engineering team moved to a more centralized approach, they were spending a majority of their day managing thousands of endpoints.

The Solution

Symantec IT Management Suite 8.5


  • Enhances company-wide security
  • Enables employee self-service while preserving administrative control
  • Allows users to pull exactly the information they need
  • Boosts ITMS and endpoint user productivity
  • Cost-effectively manages endpoint ecosystem

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