OLFA Corporation implemented Symantec Web Security Service to address security without compromising convenience

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OLFA Corporation develops, manufactures, and sells practical and safe handheld cutting tools. To ensure stringent quality checks across all areas of operation, its products are designed, developed, and manufactured entirely in Japan. OLFA ensures functionality through its high technical capabilities and by developing products with the users.

With Symantec Web Security Service, OLFA is able to ensure enhanced security without compromising bandwidth. The easy-to-use management console provides OLFA smooth and quick implementation, which significantly reduces operational burden.

The Challenge

Many of OLFA’s employees have to travel abroad to develop its overseas business. Requests from these employees to access their email in the same environment regardless of place or device pushed OLFA to implement Office 365 in 2017. However, the implementation of Office 365 led to a surge in traffic, causing network latency which impeded business operations.

The Solution

Symantec Web Security Service (WSS) is a cloud-delivered network security service which enforces comprehensive internet security and data compliance policies, regardless of location or device. WSS is rich with features including those for enhancing the security of HTTPS communication and real-time URL filtering, and can deliver security measures on par with or even better than gateways.

OLFA’s Work style reform had led to more access from outside the company and because WSS is a cloud service, it can maintain security for such access. Employees on overseas business trips previously connected to the internet without passing through a gateway. Now, laptops for use outside the company have a WSS agent installed, enabling users to connect to the internet with security measures intact, even while on the go!

WSS also had significant effects on operations. Before its implementation, gateway settings for each location were separately entered and managed in an Excel file, which had to be checked every time any settings were changed. WSS, on the other hand, provides a list of this information on its cloud-based management screen. The cloud-based management has significantly reduced operation burdens and makes the IT management much simpler.


  • Enhanced security while maintaining bandwidth, without compromising convenience
  • Implemented smoothly and quickly; equipped with an easy-to-use management console that significantly reduces operational burden
  • Integrated management enables easy configuration for individual locations and granular department-based control
  • Connects to several data centers to provide a stable environment

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