Symantec at RSA Conference 2018

April 16 - 20, 2018 | San Francisco, California

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Symantec at RSA® Conference 2018, Booth #3901

  • Endpoint Protection:
    Symantec Endpoint Protection, SEP Mobile and Data Center Security
  • Cloud Protection:
    Secure Web Gateway, CASB and Fireglass
  • Information Protection:
    Data Leak Prevention, Symantec VIP + Encryption and Email
  • Threat Protection:
    Security Technology and Response (STAR), GDPR and Norton Core

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Symantec at Hotel Zetta
55 5th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

  • Symantec Story - Securing the Cloud Generation
  • Symantec Technology and Response
  • How AI Drives Symantec’s Research and Development
  • GDPR – Guiding IT Professionals Through New Legislation

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Symantec Sessions

Title: Symantec Keynote: At the Edge of Prediction: A Look Back to the Future of Cybersecurity
Speaker: Samir Kapuria, Senior Vice President, Cyber Security Services, Symantec Corporation
Abstract: The world is evolving at an unprecedented pace driving greater opportunities, but with opportunity comes risk. Understanding the past to rethink the security solutions of the future is key to improving our cyber defenses and embracing the innovations of today and tomorrow. Join Samir Kapuria, GM of Symantec’s Cyber Security Group, for an inspiring journey through the forces shaping our increasingly interconnected world.
Time/Date: 10.55 am – 11.15 am, Wednesday April 18th 2018
Location: Moscone West – 3rd Floor Ballroom

Title: GDPR Essentials Seminar
Speaker: Ilias Chantzos, Senior Director, Government Affairs, Symantec Corporation
Abstract: With GDPR just one month away, many are struggling to be ready, and are wondering what the consequences will be. This seminar will cover GDPR in depth, exploring fundamentals such as what's allowed with customer profiling and how to approach the 72-hour mandated breach notifications and security requirements, providing tangible guidance on pitfalls to avoid. It also ponders if this is just the beginning of what looks to be a groundswell of international privacy and security regulation.
Time/Date: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm, Monday April 16th 2018
Location: Moscone West

Title: My voice is your command: The perils of smart voice assistants
Speaker: Candid Wueest, Threat Researcher, Symantec Security and Response
Abstract: Voice activated smart assistants built into dedicated, stationary devices, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple's HomePod, are increasingly being found in homes around the globe. This talk analyzes the risks associated with using such smart devices. Learn how they can be tricked into revealing data, setting alarms at 2 am, or being deactivated remotely.

Title: IPv6: Is there an open door in your network?
Speaker: Chris Larsen, Architect, Symantec WebPulse Threat Research Lab
Abstract: IPv6 support is built in throughout the Internet now, so there's not as much talk about it as a few years ago. Things are pretty quiet out there. Too quiet. In the last year, some advanced attackers abused IPv6 in some way. We'll take a look at a few of those, and talk about the need to ensure IPv6 visibility and control in your network, so you don't leave a door open.

Title: Brand New iOS Vulnerability – Remote Videojacking
Speaker: Adi Sharabani, SVP, Modern OS Security, and Roy Iarchy, Research Team Leader of Modern OS, Symantec Corporation
Abstract: Learn about a new iOS vulnerability called “Remote Videojacking”, which allows an attacker to take permanent control over a mobile device that connects to an unknown charger or compromised computer.
Time/Date: 9.15 to 10.00 am, Wednesday, April 18th 2018
Location: Moscone North 21

Title: How-to for Innovators and Entrepreneurs: How to Find the Money
Speaker: Adi Sharabani, SVP, Modern OS Security, Symantec Corporation
Abstract: This half-day seminar will help aspiring entrepreneurs understand the process of taking a great idea/solution to the next level: developing a business plan, securing funding, building a company and launching a product.
Time/Date: 9.40 am – 10.25 am, Monday April 16th 2018



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