Symantec @ RSA Conference 2019

March 4 - 8 (Expo Hall, March 4 - 7) | San Francisco, CA
Booth 5645 - North Expo, Moscone Convention Center

Event Overview

Symantec @ RSA® Conference 2019

Booth: 5645 - North Expo

When: March 4 - 8 (Expo Hall, March 4 - 7)

Venue: Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, CA

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Symantec Sessions

Title: How to Apply a Zero Trust Model to Cloud, Data & Identity

Speaker: Nicolas Popp, Senior Vice President, Engineering

Abstract: Migration to Office 365, AWS, Azure, GCP & modern endpoints can be done safely when these foundational security tenants are applied: visibility, protection & control. Applying these security tenants properly requires a security framework that combines data protection, threat protection, and identity access control in an integrated and cohesive manner. This session will discuss best practices on how to accomplish Zero Trust in the cloud.

Date: Tuesday, March 5th

Location: Moscone South Esplanade 154

Time: 2:20 pm – 3:10 pm

Title: Show Me Your Security Posture…Or Else!

Speaker: Tammy Green, Sr. Principal Security Architect

Date: Thursday, March 7th

Location: Moscone South 305

Time: 1:30 pm – 2:20 pm

Title: Hacked by Crypto

Speaker: Bret Jordan, Director HW Engineer

Abstract: Current efforts to increase privacy by encrypting everything is surprisingly leaving networks, users, & data at risk. TLS1.3, Encrypted SNI, DNSSEC, and more all have many security & privacy benefits. However, they can also increase risks of phishing & other attacks evading detection. This talk covers these emerging standards, counterintuitive risks, & next steps standards bodies are considering.

Date: Wednesday, March 6

Location: Moscone South 303

Time: 1:30 - 2:20 pm

Title: Profiting from hacked IoT devices: coin mining, ransomware, something else?

Speaker: Candid Wueest, Sr Principal Threat Researcher

Abstract: How are attackers profiting from compromised IoT devices? Is IoT the next big target for crypto mining? Why hasn't there been many IoT ransomware threats so far? I will analyze the IoT threat landscape and present some potential ways attackers could profit from compromised devices, and what currently hinders their success.

Date: Monday, March 4th

Location: Moscone West 2022

Time: 10:40 am – 11:10 am

Title: Democratizing cloud security - Journey to secure the public cloud

Speaker: Yunchao Liu, Sr Software Engineer & Hardeep Singh, Principal Software Engineer

Abstract: As companies migrate their workloads from on-premise to public cloud platforms there are several new challenges in securely operating these environments. This talk will delve into the steps a security architect needs to take to secure the environment and services running in it, with special focus on individual operators' role in monitoring, forensics and response.

Date: Friday, March 8th

Location: Moscone West 3006

Time: 9:50 am – 10:40 am

CSA Summit 2019

The Cloud Security Alliance Summit is a one-day event that runs in conjunction with RSAC in San Francisco. This year we will celebrate the 10th consecutive year that CSA has hosted a Summit within the RSA® Conference. As a platinum Sponsor, Symantec will host a keynote at this one day event.

Date: Monday, March 4th

Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Moscone Center Room 207

Registration Information: FREE registration with a valid RSAC Badge (Expo Hall Plus, Full or Discover)

CSA Summit Keynote Information:

Title: “Finally! Cloud Security for Unmanaged Devices…for All Apps.”

Speaker: Nico Popp, Sr. Vice President Information Protection

Abstract: Finding a solution for any device, any user, any location, and any cloud service is an important building block in the path to a Zero Trust security solution. Organizations may use hundreds of different cloud apps, their employees use them, their partners use them, and they often use unmanaged endpoints. It has always been a challenge to enforce security controls with BYOD or unmanaged endpoints. In the past technology options for real-time security were high maintenance and limited to only a few apps. Learn a new, easily deployed way to enforce real-time CASB access controls, data security, and threat protection for safe use of any cloud app from any device – even unmanaged endpoints and BYOD.

Date: March 4th

Location: Moscone South, Level 2

Time: 1:45 pm – 2:05 pm

Booth Activities

Stop by Booth N5645 to participate in the many challenging, fun and interesting activities Symantec will be offering!

  • Lockbox Game: Test your luck and successfully unlock the box to take home a Norton Core!
  • Try the labyrinth game to hit Symantec's leaderboard each day and be entered in a raffle for cool prizes!
  • Follow the "Cloud Generation Journey" by visiting two booth demo pods, collect at least two tokens and take home a solar-powered bank!
  • Attend Symantec's Theater Sessions every 30 minutes, take the final quiz and score fabulous prizes by the end of each session!


Symantec Exclusive VIP Hub @ Hotel Zetta

Take a break from the busy exhibitor floor and network or meet with Symantec executives at Hotel Zetta.

Address: 55 5th Street, San Francisco, CA

Meeting Hours: Monday, March 4th 10 am – 6 pm; Tuesday – Thursday 8 am – 6 pm

If you're attending RSAC 2019 and would like to arrange a one-on-one meeting or to learn more about the Symantec VIP Hub @ Hotel Zetta, please contact your Symantec account rep directly.

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