Political Engagement

Symantec is committed to engaging constructively and responsibly in the public policy and political process. We do so in numerous ways, including educational outreach to elected officials on key public policy issues related to the company’s business, political giving by employees through the Symantec Political Action Committee (SymPAC), and membership in trade associations which help to advance our business objectives.

A Commitment to Openness and Transparency in Political Activity

Symantec is committed to openness and transparency in its political activity and political contributions. Symantec participates in the political process in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, and engages outside legal counsel to conduct periodic reviews of our political activity to ensure compliance. Our policy is to disclose semi-annually all contributions to candidates, trade associations, political action committees, or any group seeking to advance or defeat a candidate or ballot issue.

Symantec’s Political Contributions Policy

Government policies affect the commercial environment, and Symantec is subject to legislation and regulation that affect how we conduct our business and generate value for our investors. Participating in the political process is one way we protect Symantec’s interests. We engage in the political process with a view to the long-term interests of the company, and seek to promote and protect our interests. Symantec’s contributions are governed by our Global Political Contributions Policy.
Symantec’s political contributions are made in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and are disclosed as required by law. Accordingly, Symantec does not allow the use of corporate contributions in federal elections. Any other contributions must be approved in accordance with the Global Political Contributions Policy.

SymPAC – Symantec Political Action Committee

For the United States, Symantec established an independent entity, the Symantec Political Action Committee (SymPAC). Symantec employees may make voluntary contributions that are used to support selected federal candidates and their campaigns. SymPAC is governed by its Articles of Organization. In addition, SymPAC has a governance board comprised of a diverse group of Symantec employees who volunteer their time to oversee SymPAC’s operations and help determine which candidates receive SymPAC funds.
SymPAC has established Candidate Support Criteria that are used to assess whether to make contributions. The factors that influence which candidates merit SymPAC’s financial support include:
  • A candidate’s integrity and character;
  • Whether a candidate supports key Symantec business and public policy priorities;
  • A candidate’s voting record and leadership position;
  • A candidate’s commitment to Symantec’s industry growth, and ability to positively impact its goals; and
  • Symantec’s assets or employees in a region or state represented by the candidate.
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