Anti-Piracy FAQs

What do I get when I purchase legal Symantec software?

When you purchase legal Symantec software, you receive the satisfaction of knowing that your computer is protected to the maximum ability of our software. In addition, when you purchase legal software, you receive appropriate user guides, updates and technical support. Counterfeit software typically does not work as intended, will not include effective support, and may make your computer more susceptible to viruses and attacks.

How many copies of the software may I install?

The general rule is one copy per license. You are only allowed to install a single copy of software on the allowed number of machines as stated in the product packaging and End User License Agreement. For example, a 3 user license product can be installed on up to 3 PCs. Abuse of the software license is considered end-user piracy.

What should I do if I suspect my copy of Symantec software is unauthorized?

Return the product to the vendor you purchased it from and ask for a refund or legitimate replacement product. If they refuse to do so, report them to your local Consumer Associations, for U.S. and Canada contact Better Business Bureau. In addition, report the seller to Symantec’s Global Brand Protection team. Click here for more detail.

What are the maximum criminal penalties for copyright infringement?

In the U.S., penalties for criminal copyright infringement can include fines and/or imprisonment. Other countries have territory specific penalties, which may vary.

What is OEM software?

Symantec original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software is a version of software intended only for distribution by certain Symantec partners and only in conjunction with certain computer hardware. Distribution of OEM software as standalone (without the requisite computer hardware) is a violation of the license agreement.

What is System Builder software?

System Builder software is designed for integration by system builders and system integrators for small business and consumer customers. System Builder software is not to be sold standalone. Just like an OEM, System Builder versions are to be sold with certain computer systems.

Learn more about our System Builder Program.

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