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Symantec Announces Visual Café for Java Will Support Development of Java Card Applications

New Open API Architecture Will Enable Java Software Developers to Ensure Java Applications Run on Java-Enabled Smart Cards

1998 JavaOne Developer Conference (SM), San Francisco --March 24, 1998-- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC), the leading provider of Internet development tools, announced today that Visual Café for Java 2.5 will enable Java™ software developers to prototype, develop, test and deploy Java applets that conform to the language specifications as defined in the Java Card 2.0 API. The Visual Café for Java 2.5 OpenAPI architecture will enable Java developers to run Sun's Java Card Checker tool from within Visual Café for Java itself, providing Java developers with a simple and efficient way to verify that their applications will run on smart cards that are capable of running programs written in Java.

"By providing integration between Java Card Checker and Visual Café, developers can quickly test the compatibility of their applications with a wide variety of devices," noted Mansour Safai, vice president of Symantec's Internet Tools division. "Developers using Visual Café can take advantage of this integration to leverage their existing investment in Java and target software for even broader markets. By harnessing Visual Café's ability to develop applications for Smart Cards, developers will be able to quickly and easily develop portable Java applications for the global Smart Card market, including financial market sector."

"Today's announcement will contribute to the rapid development of tomorrow's Java Card applications," said Patrice Peyret, director of consumer transactions at JavaSoft, a division of Sun Microsystems, Inc. "With Visual Café for Java, Java software developers will soon be able to standardize on an award-winning Java development environment to write Java applications that run across the entire spectrum of Java devices."

"Visa has chosen Java Card as its platform for multi-application smart cards. By integrating Java Card into one of the best Java development tools, Symantec makes smart card technology widely available and accessible to a large audience of software developers. This will definitely facilitate the development of a broad range of new smart card applications, in the financial sector as well as in any other industry. Tomorrow will see smart cards and smart card based applications multiply," said Philip Yen, senior vice president, Visa International.

Visual Café for Java is Symantec's popular, open standard, extensible Rapid Application Development (RAD) Java development tool for writing, debugging and deploying platform independent Java applets and applications. With Version 2.5, Visual Café for Java Professional Development Edition and Database Development Edition feature a new Open API architecture, making it possible for corporate developers, VARs and independent software vendors (ISVs) to create applications and tools that can work directly within, or tightly integrate with, Visual Café for Java. This Open API approach opens the door to an essentially limitless set of ways to extend the capabilities and functionality of Visual Café for Java. Documentation for the Open API is available from http://cafe.symantec.com/.

The Java Card API, a specialized application interface, enables a new generation of networking capabilities for payment cards, electronic commerce, network access, affinity programs, gaming applications and authentication — capitalizing on the power of smart card technology.

Symantec's suite of Java development tools include both HTML and Java authoring products, designed to address the complete range of enterprise distributed applications and Internet/intranet development needs. Internet development tools offered by Symantec include Visual Page, Visual Café for Java 2.0 Web Development Edition, Visual Café for Java 2.5 Professional Development Edition and Visual Café for Java 2.5 Database Development Edition (EDITOR'S NOTE: see today's separate release, SYMANTEC RELEASES VERSION 2.5 OF VISUAL CAFÉ FOR JAVA.)

Java is the de facto standard platform for network computing. Created by Sun Microsystems, Inc., Java technology enables the development of cross-platform applications that can run across the public Internet and corporate intranets.

The Symantec Internet Tools Division pioneered the Java development tools market by delivering the first development product for Java in March, 1996. Since then, the division has continued to develop, market and support a complete line of Java development tools worldwide, bringing the latest advances in Java technology to Internet developers.

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