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Symantec Provides Complete Desktop Protection in One Package

Norton Protected Desktop Solution makes it easier and less costly to manage, maintain, protect, and fix an organization's desktop PCs

Cupertino, Calif. --June 1, 1998-- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC), the worldwide leader in utilities and anti-virus, today announced Norton Protected Desktop Solution, complete desktop protection in a single convenient package. Norton Protected Desktop Solution uses award-winning Norton technology to help corporations detect and eliminate virus threats; identify, prevent, and repair hardware and software problems; protect against system crashes and data loss; optimize performance; and automatically update itself and other applications. Norton Protected Desktop Solution simplifies the task of problem-solving in heterogeneous environments, providing a common framework for DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT workstations.

"IS managers continue to be overwhelmed by their ever increasing responsibilities. They are looking for a complete solution to help them protect and manage desktop PCs within the corporation," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit. "Norton Protected Desktop Solution provides best-of-breed tools to help corporations reduce the total cost of ownership."

The Norton Protected Desktop Solution CD-ROM contains Norton Software Distribution Utility 2.0, Norton CrashGuard 2.0 for Windows NT, Norton CrashGuard 3.0 for Windows 95, Norton Speed Disk for Windows 95/NT, Norton Disk Doctor for Windows 95/NT, Norton AntiVirus 4.0 for DOS/Windows 3.1, and Norton AntiVirus 4.0 for Windows 95/NT. The CD-ROM also contains several administrator components, including LiveUpdate Administrator, Norton Utilities for Windows 95 3.0, Norton Utilities 8.0 for DOS/Windows 3.1, Norton Utilities for NT 2.0.

Virus Protection
Norton Protected Desktop Solution allows an organization to standardize on and deploy one consistent anti-virus solution, based on the most advanced and effective technology, with a common look and feel regardless of operating system. It is ideal for organizations that mix multiple desktop platforms and operating systems, as well as for corporations that use diverse network operating systems. Norton AntiVirus is built into Norton Protected Desktop Solution. It provides state-of-the-art virus protection, whether users are downloading files from the Internet, sending and receiving e-mail, opening attached documents, accessing floppy disks, sharing files across a network, retrieving data from compressed archives, or installing new software from a CD-ROM. Its exclusive MVP technology provides the best protection available against malevolent macro viruses.

In addition, Bloodhound technology provides real-world protection that "sniffs out" new and unknown viruses and detects and repairs unknown macro viruses. Bloodhound detects more than 90 percent of new macro viruses and 80 percent of new file and boot sector viruses. Norton AntiVirus is backed by the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC), the industry's largest dedicated team of virus experts.

Improved Performance, Increased Productivity
Norton Protected Desktop Solution also includes Norton Disk Doctor, which automatically detects and fixes common hard disk problems. Administrators can schedule Norton Disk Doctor to find and repair registry, application, hard drive, and low disk space problems on a user's system, thereby reducing end user downtime and administration time spent at a user's desk. In addition, Norton Speed Disk optimization for Windows 95 automatically defragments hard disks, dramatically improving system performance by optimizing file placement for faster disk access.

Norton Utilities for Windows 95/NT, which is included on the administrative console, gives IS managers the most trusted, advanced problem-solving and optimization tools available.

With Norton CrashGuard, Norton Protected Desktop Solution provides the most effective crash protection available, catching nearly all application crashes and stabilizing the application long enough to save work. It also "unfreezes" hung applications-even those that don't respond to a mouse. Norton CrashGuard helps increase productivity by keeping your system up and running and by saving you the time, cost, and frustration of re-creating lost work.

Simplified Administration
Organization-wide deployment of disk optimization, software optimization, crash protection, and anti-virus protection requires easy administration, management, and distribution. Symantec's continuing commitment to protecting corporate assets incorporates ground-breaking LiveUpdate capabilities and the Norton Software Distribution Utility (NSDU) into Norton Protected Desktop Solution.

LiveUpdate is a strategic tool designed to provide continuing protection in the business environment. For example, it downloads and installs new virus definitions to protect against new viruses.

The Norton Software Distribution Utility offers administrators a fast, easy way to distribute applications, files, and virus definitions-complete with administrator-specified configuration and option settings-to Windows 95 and Windows NT machines running on IP or IPX networks. Norton Software Distribution Utility saves administrators time and effort by allowing them to distribute multiple jobs concurrently, create a single job for rollout to multiple operating systems, schedule jobs to launch automatically, and easily view the real-time status of their active NSDU jobs.

Pricing and Availability
Norton Protected Desktop Solution is available now. Customers can contact their local VAR or systems integrator for site license pricing.

About Symantec
Symantec Corporation helps make users productive and keep their computers safe and reliable anywhere and anytime. Symantec offers a broad range of solutions and is acclaimed as a leader in both customer satisfaction and product brand recognition. The company is focused on addressing customer needs in three main application areas: the Norton product line of anti-virus and PC-assistance products; the pcANYWHERE, WinFax and ACT! product lines that cater to remote user productivity; and the Cafe product lines in Internet development tools.

Founded in 1982, the company's global operations span North America, Europe, Japan and several fast growing markets throughout Asia Pacific and Latin America. Traded on Nasdaq under the symbol SYMC, Symantec Corporation is based in Cupertino, California and employs more than 2,000 people. Information on the company and its products can be obtained by calling (800) 441-7234 toll free, (541) 334-6054 or accessed on the World Wide Web at >http://www.symantec.com.

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