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New Norton Utilities 4.0 the Most Effective, Intelligent Problem-Solving Tool Yet

Version 4.0 Provides High-Value Solutions for Windows, Disk, and Modem Problems

CUPERTINO, Calif. - February 16, 1999 - Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC), the world leader in utility software for business and personal computing, today announced Norton Utilities 4.0, the most effective, intelligent problem-solving tool available. Norton Utilities 4.0 offers consumers a refined toolset that excels at addressing relevant computing problems and offering intelligible recommendations.

"With Norton Utilities 4.0, Symantec is extending its leadership position as the vendor of choice for computer users around the world," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit. "Norton Utilities 4.0 detects and solves more computer problems than ever before by addressing the areas that most concern users, including Windows registry issues, modem Internet connection problems, and automatic, easy-to-use solutions."

Norton Utilities 4.0 provides consumers with crash protection, registry repair and optimization, and disaster recovery-the help that users regularly need-in a single simple-to-use package. More importantly, Norton Utilities 4.0 not only finds problems, but it goes a critical step farther and offers clear, prioritized recommendations for the best way to solve those problems. As a result, Norton Utilities 4.0 is an indispensable tool for maintaining computer systems at peak performance levels.

By including a six-month subscription to Norton Web Services for only $6.95 as well as a low suggested retail price of $49.95, with a $10 rebate to all purchasers, Norton Utilities 4.0 represents the most cost-effective way to fix and prevent computer problems now and in the future.

Enhancements Find, Fix, and Prevent Problems Norton Utilities 4.0 includes Norton SystemCheck, which makes Norton Utilities easier to use and more flexible than ever before. Unlike competing utility products which force users to run each utility separately, Norton SystemCheck consolidates all the major portions of Norton Utilities 4.0 in one application, allowing users to quickly diagnose their systems in a single step. For additional convenience and ease-of-use, the Norton System Check can be run at the user's request or scheduled to run at a specific time.

Norton Utilities 4.0 offers enhancements that extend the product's problem-solving capabilities into new, valuable areas. Version 4.0's new Registry Doctor Scan provides extra protection for Windows and other applications by finding and repairing hidden corruption in the Windows registry. The Registry Doctor Scan and Norton WinDoctor, also included with Norton Utilities 4.0, work together to provide extensive problem-solving capabilities, scanning and repairing software errors that may cause Windows problems and scanning the Windows registry for problems and orphaned entries.

Norton Utilities 4.0 also features a revolutionary modem-troubleshooting feature called Connection Doctor. This feature ensures that modem problems never prevent the user from getting on the Internet. Because modems can be one of the most difficult and frustrating computer components to troubleshoot, the Connection Doctor checks and tests the PC's modem to be sure it is working properly and is free of hardware or software conflicts. The Interactive Troubleshooter guides users through the process of solving modem problems. This capability is only available in Norton Utilities and not in competing utility products on the market.

Increased Flexibility Norton Utilities 4.0 is more flexible than ever. Enhanced installation provides more choices for how users want Norton Utilities to run on their machines. Norton Utilities 4.0 also allows users to select the configuration for Norton System Doctor and provides default settings that minimize use of system resources while protecting the most critical system areas.

Back by popular demand, Norton WipeInfo allows users to permanently delete files or entire folders. WipeInfo wipes free and slack space and supports government specifications for secure deletion. WipeInfo is the only way to remove sensitive data from a computer. WipeInfo gives users that confidence that the sensitive data is really gone. WipeInfo integrates into Windows and is accessible from Microsoft Explorer menus.

Norton Utilities 4.0 provides additional flexibility in how users use the product by allowing them to run problem-solving tools directly from the CD without installing them first. Users can also boot to the Norton Emergency recovery program from the CD.

Advanced Crash Protection with CrashGuard 4.0
Norton Utilities 4.0 also includes additional value with the inclusion CrashGuard 4.0, the industry's most powerful crash protection software. CrashGuard 4.0 is priced at $29.95 and offers the highest level of crash recovery and data recovery. It provides an improved success rate in intercepting the crashes users face most often-application or browser crashes, application hangs, blue screens, and system crashes-while protecting against data loss and assisting users in recovery from crashes that do occur.

CrashGuard has been enhanced to intercept more application crashes on all Windows platforms without the risk of false alarms. Users can then save data in an open application or quit the application as necessary to continue working. Even when a user terminates a crashed application, CrashGuard allows the user to re-open the application quickly. The VitalSave feature enables users to save data in more than 100 of the world's most popular software applications, including Microsoft Office, Corel, and Quicken. The software also monitors users' saved documents and protects them from being overwritten by file that may be corrupted by a crash.

CrashGuard 4.0 sports a new user interface and includes two new features, Crash Assistant and Crash Advisor, that make it easy for a user to understand the cause of a crash and the options they have for correcting the problem. Crash Assistant safely walks users through the process of recovering from a crash and monitors the status of active programs, offering several options for countering the effects of a crash. Crash Advisor provides specific suggestions on how to proceed when a crash occurs.

In addition, CrashGuard includes a new feature, Quick Reload, that enables Internet users to restart a crashed browser and quickly return to the last URL visited on the Internet. If users are in a frame when their browser crashes, they can return to the URL of the page containing the frame. Quick Reload makes it easy to get back to a specific Internet destination after a browser crashes.

New Features Ease Rescue and Recovery
Norton Utilities 4.0 also includes improvements to Norton Zip Rescue, the only rescue utility to enable users to boot from their familiar Windows environment. Norton Zip Rescue saves rescue information to an Iomega Zip or Jaz drive. The Rescue Recovery Wizard guides the user through the process of restarting and fixing a system that fails to boot. Together, these tools give the user the ability to boot to a full working copy of Windows and permit them to save their work and recover critical files using the Windows-based tools built into Norton Utilities 4.0, such as the Norton Disk Doctor and UnErase.

With Version 4.0 of Norton Utilities, the Rescue Recovery Wizard now solves more problems, enabling the user to recover from almost any situation. With Norton Utilities 4.0, users can now back up and restore more critical system files. In addition, a new and exclusive Windows File Check feature allows the user to quickly determine the cause of problems that keep Windows from booting. Windows File Check looks for missing critical files on the hard drive, corrupt system files, and version conflicts. In cases of corrupt or missing system files, the Recovery Wizard restores the files from the Zip disk; for version conflicts between files, the user can select the correct file. When restoring a file from the Zip disk over another version of the file, a backup of the replaced file is made so that it can be restored later, if necessary. No other utility software includes these innovative and valuable capabilities.

Norton Utilities Provides More Effective Problem Solving Norton Utilities 4.0 provides more effective problem-solving than any other product. Norton Utilities 4.0 surpasses competitive products by adding features that solve the most common problems and make Norton Utilities more flexible and easy-to-use.

Norton Utilities 4.0 Nuts & Bolts 98
Easy-to-use one button checkup X -
Fixes Internet connection problems X -
Detects and repairs hidden registry corruption X -
Run utilities from CD without installing them first X -
Replace missing or corrupt Windows system files X -
Designed to provide solutions to problems it finds X -

Price and Availability
Norton Utilities 4.0 is available now and is priced at US$49.95 with a $10 rebate for all purchases. Until May 31, 1999, current Norton Utilities users can upgrade to version 4.0 for US$39.95 by calling 1-800-284-6856 or by faxing their order to 1-877-214-7629.

System Requirements
Norton Utilities 4.0 requires an IBM PC or 100 percent compatible; Windows 95/98; 80486 or higher; 8MB RAM (16MB recommended); 70MB hard disk space for typical installation, 47MB hard disk space for compact installation; CD-ROM drive 2X or higher; and 256-color VGA or better video. A sound card and Iomega Zip or Jaz drive are optional.

About Symantec
Symantec is the world leader in utility software for business and personal computing. Symantec products and solutions help make users productive and keep their computers safe and reliable anywhere and anytime. Symantec offers a broad range of solutions and is acclaimed as a leader in both customer satisfaction and product brand recognition. Symantec is traded on Nasdaq under the symbol SYMC. More information on the company and its products can be obtained at www.symantec.com.

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