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Remedy, Intel and Symantec Integrate Industry-Leading Solutions to Create IT Service Management Platform

Platform provides standards-based, best-of-breed products; enables IT managers to reduce time spent resolving customer problems

WASHINGTON, DC-March 31, 1999-Remedy Corporation (NASDAQ: RMDY), Intel Corporation and Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC) today announced that the three companies have joined forces to provide IT (Information Technology) organizations a standards-based, integrated platform for IT Service Management. The relationship builds on existing agreements between the companies, which have been working together for more than a year to deliver increased integration to their customers.

This new platform solves a common problem that IT organizations face when attempting to lower costs and increase service. The traditional options have been to purchase multiple, unintegrated products to accomplish their goals, creating islands of automation within their environment, or compromise quality and purchase proprietary single-vendor solutions. To solve this IT service challenge, many organizations purchase a stand-alone help desk application and desktop management product, as well as multiple security and repair utilities.

The new integrated IT service management platform is comprised of industry-leading and award-winning products from companies recognized as leaders in their respective market segments, including help desk (Remedy Help Desk 4.0), desktop management (Intel LANDesk Management Suite 6.2) and security/PC utilities (Symantec's Help Desk Assistant 1.0).

Individual Applications Available from All Three Vendors All three vendors offer combinations of the help desk solutions as follows:

Remedy Help Desk 4.0 now includes all the products in the platform. Through the integration of these applications directly into the Remedy Service Console, IT staff now have a consolidated approach to problem avoidance, problem management, and problem resolution. This will allow IT organizations to significantly improve desktop, server and network uptime; manage enterprise-wide configuration changes; and substantially improve first call resolution with a corresponding reduction in support costs. By pulling these variable costs out of the service equation, IT will be empowered to reinvest financial and human resources to deliver higher Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and higher customer satisfaction.

Through the inclusion of Intel LANDesk Management Suite 6.2, users of the Remedy Help Desk have seamless access to a central console from which they can manage software distribution, track assets, perform desktop and server remote control and maintenance operations, and meter application licenses. These powerful capabilities enable a superior level of problem resolution, with complete desktop management for Windows NT* and Novell NetWare* networks without requiring the technician to leave his or her desk.

The inclusion of Symantec's Norton AntiVirus and Norton HelpDesk Assistant allows seamless access directly from a trouble ticket to critical PC and server utilities, file repair and transfer and disaster recovery capabilities. Because Norton HelpDesk Assistant integrates market segment-leading support tools including Norton Ghost, and tools to remotely control and deploy these solutions on networked and remote PCs, support calls can be closed faster and help desk costs can be significantly reduced. By proactively deploying these solutions to desktops, the IT organization can prevent system failures before they occur, resulting in an overall decrease in calls to the help desk.

In addition, Intel's LANDesk Management Suite 6.2 will include Remedy's Help Desk Express product, a full-function help desk based on Remedy Help Desk 4.0. And, Symantec's Norton HelpDesk Assistant 1.0 will include a coupon for Remedy's Help Desk Express.

"All three of our firms have been working toward this goal for the past year with various product initiatives," said Gary Oliver, general manager for the Remedy IT Service Management division. "Each of us is a leader in our space and we realized the value of providing an integrated 'no compromises' solution to our customers."

"Intel has worked with Remedy for more than a year to remove the burden of integration from our customers. The response from customers has been a strong endorsement of this integration," said Dave Taylor, director of marketing for Intel's System Management Division. "Several of our channel allies have stepped up to fill the role of integrators and have been key to delivering this value. Now, the addition of the Symantec technologies to this solution increases the probability of problem avoidance."

"Symantec, Remedy and Intel are all committed to developing and delivering best-of-breed solutions that reduce the help desk burden and cost of supporting networked and remote computer users," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit. "As our alliance with Remedy and Intel continues to flourish, corporate IT organizations will reap increasingly significant benefits in the areas of call avoidance, first call resolution and overall support cost reduction."

Plans for this new phase in the three-way relationship currently include worldwide co-marketing programs, cooperation among the customer service organizations for faster response time, joint channel programs for rapid deployment and closely-integrated product and technology offerings from all three vendors.

Companies purchasing the Remedy Help Desk 4.0 will receive 10 seats of Norton HelpDesk Assistant, Norton Anti-Virus and LANDesk Management Suite 6.2 with their purchase. Integrated versions of the Remedy Help Desk 4.0 product line and LANDesk Management Suite 6.2 are both available immediately. Symantec's Norton AntiVirus and Help Desk Assistant products for integration with this platform will be added to the Remedy Help Desk Product beginning in May. Purchasers of the Remedy solution prior to the bundling of the Symantec products will receive these products shipped separately in May as well.

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