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Symantec, Dale Carnegie Training Deliver 11-Step Sales Development Cycle

Development Cycle Helps Businesses Close More Sales

CUPERTINO, Calif. Sept. 1, 1999 - Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced an 11-stage Sales Development Cycle, developed in conjunction with Dale Carnegie Training to help small business executives and sales professionals close more sales. Integrated into ACT! 2000, the latest version of the industry¹s leading contact management software, the Sales Development Cycle enables businesses to effectively manage the sales pipeline from prospect to close.

"The Sales Development Cycle combines best practices from the world¹s premier specialist in sales success with productivity tools developed by the industry¹s most widely recognized expert in contact management software," said Christopher Calisi, vice president, Symantec. "This collaboration has yielded the most advanced and complete solution for achieving sustained, profitable relationships which, in turn, result in significant business growth and success."

"Building relationships is one of the cornerstones of Dale Carnegie Training courses," says Piera Palazzolo, vice president of marketing for Dale Carnegie Training. "This is where ACT! makes a vital contribution. As the leading contact manager, ACT! gives our participants the tools to immediately access all the information they need about their contacts."

The 11 stages of the Sales Development Cycle provide sales professionals and business executives a complete framework for successfully optimizing sales potential. The Sales Development Cycle follows a proven path in developing long-term customer relationships, from building rapport to determining interest, tailoring a solution and securing a commitment. Each stage marks an important milestone in building a profitable business relationship, the foundation of every successful sale. It is important to note that, like much of the functionality in ACT! 2000, the stages of the development cycle can be customized to suit the needs of the individual user.

The first stage, New Opportunity, enables the ACT! user to determine the viability of a prospect prior to a major investment of time, energy, or resources. The ACT! user is able to link the stage to the opportunity and track that opportunity through the remainder of the process. The Solution Presentation stage, signals the user¹s opportunity to present a solution in a manner that allows the prospect to clearly recognize the benefits that would be derived by applying the proposed solution to his or her situation.

In the Negotiation stage, the salesperson resolves issues such as price, delivery, service, technical support and schedules so that the sale can move forward. The final stage, Follow-Up Opportunities, helps ensure that the salesperson strengthens the new business relationship by fulfilling every commitment made to the customer. The salesperson is looking to build a lasting relationship that is beneficial for both parties.

Users who would like additional information about a specific stage or wish to access other sales tips can use ACT! 2000 to link directly to Dale Carnegie Training¹s web site.

ACT! 2000 users can easily create a Sales Funnel graph representing each Sales Development Cycle stage and the associated number of sales opportunities in each stage. This sales management tool gives users the ability to see at a glance where each sale is in the cycle as well as forecasted revenue, anticipated close dates, and probability of closure. The salesperson can then determine which opportunities they need to spend more time and energy on.

ACT! 2000 includes several ready-to-use reports as well as custom reports with graphics. These reports provide sales professionals and sales managers a quick and clear method of analyzing and communicating the status of sales opportunities.

About Dale Carnegie Training
Today, Dale Carnegie Training has more than 4.7 million graduates in thousands of companies around the world. At the heart of Dale Carnegie Training is a mission to improve the performance of business by developing the innate abilities of employees. This mission is driven by the belief that people are the most powerful source of competitive advantage. For further information about the Dale Carnegie Training organization and services, please visit the website at www.dalecarnegie.com

About Symantec
Symantec is a world leader in Internet security technology and technology solutions that help companies manage and support workforces that use laptop computers and other mobile devices.

The company is a leading provider of software products for the consumer market and is rapidly growing its presence as a provider of solutions to enterprise organizations

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