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Chevron To Deploy Norton Speed Disk On 30,000 Machines Worldwide

Symantec Works With Chevron to Improve Worldwide Windows NT Performance

CUPERTINO, Calif. Sept. 15, 1999 - Symantec Corporation Nasdaq: (SYMC) announced today that Chevron will deploy the new Norton Speed Disk 5.0 for Windows NT on 30,000 workstations and servers, as part of the petroleum and chemical giant's strategy to improve the efficiency and productivity of its worldwide NT network. Chevron adopted Windows NT as its enterprise standard for 30,000 desktops and notebooks in 1997 and began using Norton Speed Disk in 1998. In April 1999, a desire to further improve network efficiency and user productivity resulted in Chevron assisting Symantec in the design of Norton Speed Disk 5.0 for Windows NT, by testing developmental versions and providing feedback on functionality and suitability for corporate networks. Chevron was one of 50 companies that tested the product during its development.

Norton Speed Disk 5.0 is administered from a centralized management console and is the first utility to completely optimize Windows NT volumes online without requiring a system reboot or requiring other applications, such as anti-virus, to be turned off.

"Hard disk fragmentation has been a real issue for us," says Mike Wolfe, a senior engineer at Chevron who is responsible for desktop and notebook configuration. "After three months of normal use, it is not unusual to see (on average) at least a 20 percent fragmentation, which results in a significant performance hit."

He adds: "One of the benefits of Norton Speed Disk for NT, and something we very strongly recommended during the product's development, is that end users can run the optimization tool without involving the systems administrator and tying up IS resources. The fact that the product can be used without the end user having to re-boot is another major advantage."

According to Wolfe, the Symantec solution has resulted in improved performance in terms of faster boot up times and application launches. "If one of our people visits a prospective customer they might only have a few minutes to get their message across. Being able to boot up their computer and run their presentation more quickly means they can make more effective use of their time," says Wolfe.

Norton Speed Disk is one of several Symantec products that Chevron has standardized upon across its network. The company also has enterprise-wide licenses for Norton Utilities and Norton AntiVirus. "We see Symantec as a business partner rather than as a supplier," says Wolfe. "We definitely get more out of the relationship that way."

Chevron's adoption of Norton AntiVirus protected the company from the recent Melissa virus. "We worked with Symantec to ensure that the first time our end users logged onto the network after the virus had struck, they were automatically updated with a definition fix," says Wolfe. "That partnership paid off big for us. We were quickly able to minimize the effects of the Melissa infection at Chevron."

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