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Norton Antivirus 2000 Named Computer Shopper Best Buy

Editors Praise Comprehensive Feature Set, Ability to Reduce Risk of Malicious Internet-Borne Code, and Performance

CUPERTINO, Calif. Sept. 23, 1999 - Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced that the beta version of Norton AntiVirus 2000 was named Best Buy by Computer Shopper. In the most recent edition of the online publication, scheduled for delivery on October 1, editors wrote, "This latest version [of Norton AntiVirus] takes a few leaps forward, both in features and overall look and feel . . . Anyone with a PC needs a good anti-virus prescription, and Norton writes the best." Norton AntiVirus 2000 is now available.

"Being named a Best Buy by Computer Shopper, one of the industry's most authoritative guides for intelligent technology purchases, is noteworthy," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit. "Symantec remains committed to continuously improving its products and services in order to better meet the needs of a rapidly changing computing environment."

According to editors, one of the most significant enhancements in Norton AntiVirus 2000 is targeted at reducing the risk of malicious Internet-borne code. Norton AntiVirus 2000 checks attachments to incoming e-mail by setting itself up as a local proxy server. "Given this year's headlines regarding macro-based viruses and worms being distributed through Internet mail systems, this is a welcome addition," editors wrote. All POP3-based e-mail programs can be set up; the most popular applications are automatically recognized. Editors also praised the product's flexibility in allowing users to turn off the feature, if necessary, and the ability to plug in to Netscape Navigator in order to check programs downloaded from the Internet.

Editors also singled out how the comprehensive scanning, reporting, and scheduling features of Norton AntiVirus 2000 integrate with a new graphical interface to ease setup and use. "In addition to some welcome cosmetic changes to the program itself, the interface now offers easier access to more information," wrote editors. "The left side of the screen has four categories [System Status, Scan for Viruses, Reports, and Scheduling] which, when selected, trigger a display of information and options on the right side." These options enable users to view the date of their virus definitions or rescue disk set and other relevant information, select the media to be searched as well as the settings to be used, view a Quarantine/activity/known viruses log, and scan or automatically run the update program.

"Of all of the anti-virus programs we've tested, Norton AntiVirus 2000 delivers the most comprehensive feature set and practically foolproof performance . . . Norton AntiVirus [is] the most dependable program we have encountered over the years . . . it's a powerful weapon in the never-ending war," editors concluded.

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