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Norton Antivirus For Firewalls 1.5 Eliminates Internet Viruses On IBM, CVP Firewalls Before They Enter Corporate Network

Superior Detection/Repair Technology Ensures Unsurpassed Scanning and Virus Removal

CUPERTINO, Calif. Oct. 19, 1999 - Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls 1.5, the only anti-virus solution with native support for the IBM firewall. Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls 1.5 utilizes Symantec's award-winning anti-virus engine to eliminate the threat of Internet viruses on IBM and CVP-compliant firewalls before they enter the corporate network. Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls 1.5 supports Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000.

"By developing Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls in close consultation with leading firewall vendors such as IBM, Symantec is providing organizations an effective deterrent to Internet-based viruses," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit. "Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls is built upon proven technologies that are widely recognized for their superior virus detection and repair rates as well as for their unparalleled speed and ease at stopping malicious code at the corporate firewall."

"Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls is a critical component of IBM's SecureWay FirstSecure solution, the first fully integrated security solution for e-business," said Gerry Young, Secureway Boundary Server Market Manager at IBM. "Symantec's Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls complements SecureWay FirstSecure's comprehensive framework of e-business security solutions by reinforcing the corporate firewall with next-generation anti-virus technology. "

Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls 1.5 provides unsurpassed scanning and virus removal, scanning HTTP, FTP and SMTP traffic. The superior scanning technology also scans within compressed files such as ZIP, self-extracting ZIP, and MIME-encoded files. Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls 1.5 detects and removes the most lethal polymorphic viruses using Striker32 technology, Symantec's state-of-the-art virus detection and repair technology for complex 32-bit Windows-based viruses.

To minimize its impact on network performance, Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls 1.5 scans only suspicious traffic for viruses. Administrators can manage traffic load by adding multiple Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls servers to compatible firewalls, one for each Internet protocol. To simplify setup, all configuration is handled at the server and can be accomplished remotely through an HTML-based graphical user interface, eliminating the need for "per-client" configuration.

To ensure that firewalls are protected against even the most recent viruses, administrators can use LiveUpdate to quickly download the latest virus definitions from the Symantec web site without interrupting network activities. Updates can be scheduled or performed on demand. Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls 1.5 also includes a modular engine called NAVEX that allows Symantec to ship fundamental changes and updates to the virus scanning technology with every virus definition update. With LiveUpdate and NAVEX, corporations have the quickest and most cost-effective tool for guarding their networks against viruses and other malicious code.

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