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Norton Internet Security 2000 Rockets To Top Of PC Data Charts

Norton Internet Security 2000 Continues to Best Competitors with Highest Unit Sales and Revenue Figures and Drives 220 Percent Increase in Internet Security Product Market

CUPERTINO, Calif. - March 21, 2000 -- Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced that PC Data sales statistics clearly show Norton Internet Security 2000 as the leading Internet security solution in the fast-growing Internet security software category. Norton Internet Security 2000 has not only surpassed older technology point products, but has ignited rapid market expansion. Norton Internet Security is the first and only complete Internet security suite for consumers, featuring Norton Personal Firewall, award-winning Norton AntiVirus, Norton Personal Privacy and Norton Parental Control in a single fully integrated product. PC Data is the computer industry's primary source for software, hardware, and video game sales information.

In addition to demonstrating the unparalleled popularity of Norton Internet Security, the PC Data figures also indicate the product's role in defining and driving the Internet Security software category. Weekly sell through for Internet Security products for the month prior to the introduction of Norton Internet Security (November 1999) averaged just over 1,500 units. Since Norton Internet Security hit the market in December of 1999, average weekly sell through for the category has grown to over 4,800 units representing a 220 percent increase in the weekly volume for Internet Security software. Additionally, Norton Internet Security has captured over 60 percent of the market volume and over 80 percent of the category revenue since its introduction.

"PC Data's real-time market analysis proves that Norton Internet Security is successfully addressing the security, protection, and online privacy needs of both dial-up and broadband connected consumers. And, that it is the solution of choice for parents who want to provide complete Internet protection for their families," said Steve Cullen, senior vice president, of Symantec's Consumer Products Division. "As always-on, high-speed Internet connections become common place, the need for comprehensive Internet security has become a requirement for consumers. Norton Internet Security is tuned for this dynamic world giving consumers peace of mind that they always have the latest, most complete protection from Internet threats.

According to PC Data, sales of Norton Internet Security lead the Internet Security solutions market, and they continue to increase. Figures for the week ended Feb. 6, 2000 show that Norton Internet Security held a 62 percent unit share, with sales of 2,996 units compared to McAfee GuardDog's 32 percent or 1,559 unit sales. Norton Internet Security also earned an 80 percent revenue share for the same time period, with sales revenue of more than $177,000 compared to GuardDog's 14 percent or $30,360 in sales. Norton Internet Security was also number 13 on PC Data's best-selling business titles list for the month of February.

Norton Internet Security was introduced in December 1999, and sales of the software quickly topped those of its competitors by the middle of January. Statistics for the week ended January 16, 2000 showed unit sales of 2,135 of Norton Internet Security, compared to 1,288 for McAfee GuardDog 2, six for McAfee GuardDog Deluxe, and 157 for SOS Best Defense. During the same week, Norton Internet Security generated more than $117,000 in retail revenue, while GuardDog 2 earned under $24,000, GuardDog Deluxe $54, and SOS Best Defense under $7,000.

Norton Internet Security blocks hacking attacks, alerting users to unauthorized connections and attempted intrusions, and enables users to designate which information should be protected from unsecured Web sites. The inclusion of the award-winning Norton AntiVirus guards against viruses, worms, malicious Java applets, ActiveX code, and other Internet threats.

Parents can use Norton Internet Security to control which Web sites their children visit and which Internet applications they use, and to restrict the information being sent out over the Internet. Norton Internet Security also makes Internet computing more convenient and productive by blocking out banner ads, pop-up windows, and other clutter on Windows pages.

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