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Norton SystemWorks 2001 Outperforms Windows ME, Windows 2000 Utilities In Independent Tests

Ease of Use, Automation, and Power Make Symantec Suite Appropriate for All Users, According to eTesting Lab Report

CUPERTINO, Calif. -October 16, 2000 - Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC), a worldwide leader in Internet security technology, today announced that Norton SystemWorks 2001 outperformed Windows Millennium and Windows 2000 utilities in independent analyses performed by eTesting Labs, the industry leader in Internet and technology testing (to view the final report visit http://cgi.zdnet.com/slink?58365). According to the eTesting Labs report, Norton SystemWorks 2001 offers ease of use, automation, and power, thereby providing optimal virus protection, problem-solving, system maintenance, and PC diagnostics to Windows Millennium and Windows 2000 users of all levels of expertise.

"On the whole, we found the Symantec Norton SystemWorks 2001 utilities clearly superior to those that either Windows 2000 or Windows Millennium provides for comparable functions," stated the report. "We were impressed with the level of customization and automation available with every set of utilities. Almost without exception, each utility provided the simplicity and ease of use required by the less experienced user, the automation and efficiency required by the savvy business user, and the depth and power required by the computer professional."

Reviewers tested both Norton SystemWorks 2001 and Norton SystemWorks 2001 Professional Edition on Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium systems. Norton SystemWorks 2001 includes Norton AntiVirus 2001, Norton Utilities 2001, Norton CleanSweep 2001, and convenient links to Symantec Web Partners and Norton Web Services. The Professional Edition adds Norton Ghost 2001 and WinFax 10.0 Basic Edition. In addition to evaluating individual utilities, eTesting Labs also analyzed overall installation, updating, and registration of the integrated suite, and gauged its impact on system performance. The report noted that the installation was fast and that updates and registration were automated and seamless. Norton SystemWorks 2001 resulted in minimal performance hits with all components running in the background. The test showed just 8.9 percent on a Windows Millennium system and 8.3 percent on a Windows 2000 PC.

According to the report, Norton SystemWorks 2001 offers many utilities-including Speed Disk, System Doctor, Disk Doctor, WinDoctor, CleanSweep, and UnErase/Norton Protection-that are either not part of Windows 2000 and/or Windows Millennium or are more comprehensive than those included with Microsoft's latest operating systems.

"Norton Speed Disk is in another class when it comes to flexibility and customization options," said the report. "We found that optimizing with Speed Disk returned performance levels to virtually the same levels measured at the baseline . . . Norton Speed Disk provided more flexibility and greater control of the process than did the defragmentation tools in Windows Millennium and Windows 2000."

After referring to System Doctor as an essential tool for the professional, the experienced user, and the beginner, the report singled out the unique capabilities of Norton Disk Doctor and WinDoctor. "Norton Disk Doctor has been around a long time and has never looked better…[It] provides additional customization options and significantly better reporting features [than Windows Millennium's ScanDisk]. Windows 2000 does not provide a comparable utility . . . Norton WinDoctor identifies and fixes problems with the Windows registry, system files, and software applications. Neither Windows Millennium nor Windows 2000 has a comparable utility to check for these types of problems."

Norton CleanSweep was also praised for its extensive Internet capabilities. "The ability to monitor Internet downloads and cleanly remove them, and the ability to individually back up removed programs are features that stand out in CleanSweep," stated the report. "A single resource for managing all Internet files is not available in Windows Millennium and Windows 2000 . . . The program management group of utilities [in CleanSweep] is one of the most useful set of utilities for organizing and managing system space that we have encountered."

The safety features of UnErase Wizard and Norton Protection were also noteworthy. "Windows alone provides minimal protection against accidental deletions with the recycle bin . . . You need only to experience that awful sinking feeling of losing an important file once to appreciate the extra protection and flexibility afforded by Norton's UnErase Wizard and Norton Protection."

Pricing & Availability
Norton SystemWorks 2001 and NSW 2001 Professional Edition are available now for an estimated retail price of US$59.95 and US$99.95, respectively. Users of Symantec point products may upgrade to Norton SystemWorks for US$39.95 with the use of a $20 mail-in rebate or Norton SystemWorks Professional Edition for US$69.95 with the use of a $30 mail-in rebate. Customers can purchase Norton SystemWorks 2001 from various retail locations, Symantec's online store at www.SymantecStore.com, as well as other online retailers.

About Symantec
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About eTesting Labs
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