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Symantec Certifies New Technology Partners

Kavado, NFR Security, Qualys and TippingPoint Integrate with Management System

CUPERTINO, Calif. – Dec. 8, 2004 - Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC), the global leader in information security, today announced that it has certified solutions from four security vendors as part of Symantec's Technology Partner Program. The newly certified solutions are from Kavado, NFR Security, Qualys and TippingPoint (Nasdaq:TPTI).

The Technology Partner Program focuses on ensuring that third-party solutions are interoperable with the Symantec Security Management System (SSMS) and the Symantec AntiVirus Scan Engine. Symantec recognizes that customers use many different software and hardware configurations, creating heterogeneous environments that are difficult to manage. The program establishes firm standards for how diverse products can work together to simplify security management issues for customers while protecting existing security technology investments.

The recently released Symantec Universal Event Collector tool kit allows partners to integrate their security data into the Security Management System and Symantec Incident Manager 3.0. Symantec Incident Manager correlates security events in real time across disparate security technologies and network tiers to identify, prioritize and coordinate the resolution of security incidents.

"Symantec and its certified technology partners are helping enterprises mitigate security risk and maximize business opportunity by keeping corporate assets safe and employees productive," said Rowan Trollope Symantec vice president, security management solutions. "Standards-based development is appreciated by our mutual customers as it streamlines monitoring and maintenance of increasingly complex systems. Each partner solution contributes to the overall security and availability of enterprise customers' information by aggregating and normalizing security events for rapid analysis and remediation."

"Symantec's efforts to drive interoperability across security products helps customers strengthen their security infrastructure and further leverage existing security investments," said Gerhard Eschelbeck, CTO and VP of Engineering at Qualys. "QualysGuard Integration with Symantec Enterprise Security Architecture streamlines the process of handling security events by aggregating and correlating vulnerability intelligence. The result is more effective threat identification, containment and remediation." "Aggregating security event data within a management system is important for monitoring complex systems, but correlating that data to gain additional intelligence about our security is invaluable," said Georg Petzl, IT-Security Manager at T-Mobile, a customer of Qualys and Symantec. "Applying vulnerability information from QualysGuard against other security event data within the Symantec system helps us more accurately identify threats."

"As intrusion prevention systems continue to emerge as a critical component of network security, the integration between Symantec's Security Management System and TippingPoint's UnityOne Intrusion Prevention System will help end users show regulatory compliance and ROI through reporting on blocked attacks, in addition to cutting down on time and resources through proactive prevention," said TippingPoint's CTO Marc Willebeek-LeMair. "The integration will give end users in-depth information on threats while preventing attacks."

By integrating application-layer security events from Kavado's InterDo Web application firewall into Symantec's Security Management System, customers will now have a comprehensive view of security events across the enterprise" Said Vikram K. Desai, President and CEO of Kavado, Inc. "This will empower enterprises with tighter security control and deliver simplified, centralized security management to identify and block attacks.

"Correlating information from prevention, detection and vulnerability data will help organizations achieve a more accurate view of their network security posture and create a proactive strategy to prevent threats," said Andre Yee, president and CEO of NFR Security. "By partnering with Symantec, NFR Security's trusted prevention data derived from our unique patent-pending Confidence Indexing engine will provide customers with the ability to dynamically prevent and protect against network attacks."

Certified technology partners receive integration tools, technical support, product certification, and sales and marketing support. Certified partners are also authorized to use the Symantec "Certified for Symantec Security Management System" logo. When customers see the certified logo, they can be confident that the product integrates with the appropriate Symantec technology.

In addition to Qualys, an existing Technology Partner who already had certification to Symantec's Enterprise Security Architecture 1.0, other SSMS certified technology partners include Teros, ForeScout, Radware, Top Layer Networks, and FaceTime Communications.

For more information about the Technology Partner Program, visit the Technology Partner Program website

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