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Symantec Offers Threat and Vulnerability Management Program

New Consulting Service Offers Real-Time Global Threat Intelligence and Helps Organizations Reduce IT Risk

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Jun 28, 2006 -- Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC) today announced Symantec Threat and Vulnerability Management Program that combines unmatched Symantec security consulting expertise with Symantec global threat intelligence to help customers manage their security posture and prevent incidents before they happen. Symantec Threat and Vulnerability Management Program is a critical component of Symantec Global Services' broader agenda to help customers address IT Risk.

"Organizations are facing an increasing amount of security threats today that could impact their environment, jeopardize compliance, and threaten their entire business," said Jon Oltsik, Enterprise Strategy Group. "IT Managers and administrators need the necessary tools and information to enable them to assess their current security posture and develop a consistent, well thought-out plan and process for responding to ongoing threats. Symantec's depth and breadth of security expertise and understanding of the entire current threat landscape provide customers with unique offering."

Leveraging Symantec Global Intelligence Network, Symantec Threat and Vulnerability Management Program provides real-time data on vulnerabilities currently being exploited and provides customers with specific guidance to proactively protect their IT environment. Through this unmatched intelligence, customers can proactively map threats against their own system vulnerabilities and prioritize their actions and remediation plans based on their individual risk threshold. This helps to ensure business continuity, higher operational efficiency and availability of systems and staff. Symantec Threat and Vulnerability Management Program also provides metrics to show effectiveness and an auditable trail.

In addition, as businesses are facing more rigorous industry and governmental regulations leading to more robust internal compliance policies, detailed trending and benchmarking among different parts of the organization can be used to demonstrate due diligence in compliance practices. Symantec Threat and Vulnerability Management Program can put the proper processes and controls in place to help customers meet these mandates.

"Even the most disciplined organizations do not have all of the people, processes, technology and time to manage a proactive and compliant incident response program," said Greg Hughes, executive vice president, Symantec Global Services and Support. "Symantec Threat and Vulnerability Management Program will help customers design a comprehensive strategy to address a vastly changing threat landscape and contribute to reducing their overall IT risk. Through Symantec's unparalleled intelligence and world class Symantec consultants, this new offering arms customers with proactive 'next steps' when threats and vulnerabilities are identified."

Symantec Threat and Vulnerability Management Program combines a set of consulting best practices derived from years of helping large, complex organizations confront security threats and vulnerabilities in their environments. Symantec is leveraging its vast experience in providing incident response services to existing customers, as well as experience in developing threat and vulnerability management frameworks for large multi-national clients. Symantec built this service around the proven four-phase framework of:

--  Assessment:  Assess client's environment to better understand the
    organization's existing threat and vulnerability framework.  Provides a
    report that summarizes the findings, details the organization's current
    security posture and its risk implications compared to industry best
    practices, and offers recommendations to enhance proactive protection and
    reduce risk.
--  Design:  Design a Symantec Threat and Vulnerability Management Program
    Framework customized to meet the customer's unique business needs, balanced
    with the client's budget and risk tolerance.
--  Implementation:  Implement Symantec Threat and Vulnerability
    Management Program Framework, customized to the customer's specific needs
    and existing resources.   The underlying technology includes a powerful
    open-source platform, which combines enhanced notification, a knowledge
    base of vulnerabilities, malicious code, exploits and fixes, workflow, and
    a rich reporting engine for meeting compliance goals.
--  Manage:  Prepare a resource to act as Threat and Vulnerability
    Management Officer (TVMO) and position the organization to respond
    effectively to this role.  The TVMO is responsible for coordinating the
    threat response across the organization.  Symantec can train a client
    resource to act in this role or provide a Symantec Consultant to act as the
    TVMO on-site.

Symantec Threat and Vulnerability Management Program is currently available through Symantec Global Consulting Services in North America (US & Canada) and EMEA.

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