2017 Norton Wi-Fi Risk Report

Discover how consumers can unknowingly place their personal information at risk when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. The 2017 Norton Wi-Fi Risk Report, a global omnibus survey of more than 15,000 consumers in 15 countries, explores consumer perceptions, practices and knowledge about the safety of public Wi-Fi connections.

Interesting highlights include:

  • Sixty percent of consumers globally feel their personal information is safe when using public Wi-Fi, yet 53 percent can’t tell the difference between a secure or unsecure public Wi-Fi network.
  • Twenty-five percent of consumers globally have accessed a Wi-Fi network without the network owner’s permission; 8 percent guessed or hacked the password for access.
  • One in six consumers globally admit to having used public Wi-Fi to watch adult content.

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Kevin Haley, Director, Security Response, Norton by Symantec