Strong Authentication for Enterprises

The proliferation of web-based technologies, the introduction of personal devices and the increased access by third parties into corporate networks have benefitted companies large and small. At the same time, these developments have extended the corporate network perimeter while opening up a host of new avenues into it. In response, Symantec has launched the SAFE initiative (Strong Authentication For Enterprises) to help bring to light the shortfalls of common access policies today and the misperceptions/lack of understanding about strong authentication. In addition, the SAFE initiative serves to:
Provide third party research pertaining to the activities “open” enterprises do every day to help grow their business by allowing access to company resources Provide recommendations regarding enabling access and protecting their corporate assets Illustrate how strong authentication, and specifically the Symantec User Auth product family can quickly help these enterprises address their needs.
For summary and highlights, read the press release. Learn more about SAFE here.


Atri Chatterjee

Adam Geller

Kerry Loftus