State of Cloud Survey

The promises of reduced cost, improved performance and greater scalability are driving interest in cloud computing. While promising significant benefits, moving to the cloud also requires organizations take a new approach to IT. Symantec recently commissioned the 2011 State of Cloud Survey to understand how organizations are adopting cloud computing and dealing with the changes it can impose on their IT strategies. The survey included 5,300 organizations—from small businesses to large enterprises—across 38 countries.

According to the survey, organizations are conflicted about security – rating it both as a top goal and as a top concern with moving to the cloud. Eighty-seven percent of respondents are confident that moving to the cloud will not impact or will actually improve their security. However, achieving security for cloud environments is also a top concern for these organizations, which cited potential risks, including malware, hacker-based theft and loss of confidential data.

The survey found that while many organizations are evaluating the move to the cloud, less than 20 percent have actually crossed the finish line with their cloud implementations. And, for those who have implemented, there is a gap between expectations and the actual results. Lack of IT staff readiness is one possible explanation for these findings. About half of the organizations surveyed said their IT staff is not ready for the move to cloud.


Dave Elliott

Tom Powledge

Art Gilliland

Daniel Graves