2013 State of Mobility Survey

It’s hard to find a hotter topic in business IT today than mobility. And while saying “It is the best of times, it is the worst of times” may be a bit of an overstatement, we truly are seeing a tale of two companies when it comes to mobile adoption. This is the picture that is emerging from Symantec’s 2013 State of Mobility survey. The results allowed us to identify two clear groups, and examine how their attitudes toward change lead to different approaches in adopting new technology.

Leading the pack are the innovators, or businesses that are moving ahead full steam when it comes to embracing changes that have the potential to improve their operations. These are the businesses that create their own opportunities through a willingness to experiment. They are early adopters of new technology, actively looking for new ways to move their business forward rather than hold to tradition for its own sake. On the other side are the traditional organizations. These companies are cautious, giving more weight to the risks associated with new technology. Their approach is largely reactive, resisting significant changes to the way they do business for as long as possible. They prefer to stick with time-honored practices rather than embrace risk for potential reward.

The results from Symantec’s 2013 State of Mobility Survey highlight how these two types of organizations are adopting mobility.

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