Symantec Smartphone Honey Stick Project

The Symantec Smartphone Honey Stick Project is an experiment involving 50 “lost” smartphones. Before the smartphones were intentionally lost, a collection of simulated corporate and personal data was placed on them, along with the capability to remotely monitor what happened to them once they were found.

Chief among the findings is that there is a very high likelihood attempts to access both sensitive personal- and business-related information will be made if a lost and unprotected smartphone is found by a stranger. Secondarily, the owner of a lost smartphone should not assume the finder of their device will attempt to make contact with them. Even when contact is made, the owner of the device should not assume their personal- or business-related information has not been violated.

The goal of this research is to show what smartphone users should expect to happen on their phones if they are lost and then found by a stranger. In today’s world, both consumers and corporations need to be concerned with protecting the sensitive information on mobile devices. While devices can be replaced, the information stored and accessed on them is at risk unless users and businesses take precautions to protect it.


Kevin Haley

John Harrison