VMworld 2012

Symantec’s integrations with VMware result in more effective protection and higher performing solutions, helping organizations accelerate time to value in their virtualization and cloud initiatives. As a global leader in providing security, backup, storage and availability solutions that drive organizations’ virtualization strategies forward, Symantec will play an integral role as a Platinum Sponsor at this year’s VMworld in San Francisco. Stop in and see what Symantec experts have to say about building a virtualization strategy that moves organizations from static infrastructure silos to an automated, high-density cloud that transforms IT service delivery.


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Speaking Agenda

  • August 27, 11am
    Overcome the hurdles to Virtualizing Business Critical Applications – Easily, confidently, and efficiently with VMware and Symantec
    David Troutt
  • August 29, 8am
    The Virtualization Security Journey: Beyond Endpoint Security
    Deb Banerjee and Jeremiah Cornelius
  • August 29, 12:30pm
    Gain control of application availability without giving up vMotion and DRS
    Lorenzo Galelli
  • August 29, 4pm
    Taking VADP to the Limit - Pushing the Backup Performance Envelope
    Abdul Rasheed and George Winter


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