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California Chief Information Officer Meets With Symantec CIO

March 25, 2008 As part of her tour of Silicon Valley, Teri Takai, California's chief information officer, met with David Thompson, Symantec's chief information officer.

Specifically, the two compared notes on the logistics of consolidating various enterprise segments under one system. Since January 2007, David Thompson has developed, managed, and coordinated a complete reorganization of Symantec's internal IT structure. The result has resulted in better efficiency, cost savings, a faster response time for supporting Symantec's internal stakeholders, and a larger positive impact on the company's bottom line.

Similarly, Takai is undertaking a similar project for all of California's state agencies, to establish consistent protocols, resources, and processes, resulting in greater transparency and accessibility of public information. As a result, Takai indicated to Thompson that she is looking for private sector partners to help advise and provide their input on the integration of legacy systems and enterprise architecture.

In addition, Thompson was also able to provide Takai an overview of the current cyber threat landscape, with recommendations on best practices the state can take to ensure greater security of California's digital assets.