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Welcome to Symantec Government Relations Blog

Adam Rak : Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 | 4:43pm

On behalf of Symantec's worldwide government relations team, I would like to welcome you to our newly developed external Web site, and specifically, our blog. We hope to utilize this space to disseminate important information on global public policy issues at all levels of government. The dynamic nature of the Internet poses significant challenges for public policy makers , and we hope that through this blog, we can act as a conduit for information and a resource for government officials and public policy makers help them when making decisions involving information security issues and the Internet.

This blog will not be limited to just Symantec spokespersons. We hope to also make it available as a host for the views of third party individuals and groups who may not have access to a similar venue on their own, but still can make a significant contribution to the overall discussion of a particular public policy issue or subject.

We appreciate you taking the time to check out our site and look forward to providing what assistance we can to help you become more engaged and aware of the various issues affecting the IT industry, particularly in the area of information security and the protection of online information. Be sure to check back as we plan to add to this blog regularly.

Adam Rak