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Onsite and Clearwell Enable Clients to Strike the Right Balance Between In-House and Hosted E-Discovery Solutions

Arlington, VA (November 19, 2008) — ONSITE(TM), a leading global provider of electronic evidence solutions for law firms and corporations, and Clearwell Systems, a leader in intelligent e-discovery, today announced a dramatic increase in cross-platform efficiency that enables clients to achieve a balanced approach between in-house and hosted e-discovery solutions.

This exciting new capability will enable clients to conduct early case assessment, defensible search, and intelligent culling in-house using the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform®; and then rapidly move potentially responsive results into ONSITE’s eView(TM) document review platform. Clients will be able to quickly and directly control the transfer of electronic data from the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform into eView while maintaining all tags, folder structures, and notes.

"It is critical that our firm be able to scale our e-discovery workflow process quickly, particularly as case response timeframes accelerate and data sizes grow," said Daniel Gelb, Attorney, Gelb & Gelb LLP. "The ability to immediately conduct early case assessment, search and analysis—and then continue to manage the e-discovery process for review through production— is crucial for effective advocacy throughout the litigation."

"ONSITE and Clearwell have dramatically increased e-discovery efficiency for clients who prefer in-house solutions, but who also want to maintain the flexibility for hosted document review of large scale projects," said Debra Rozier, chief innovation officer, ONSITE. "Clients who use the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform will now be able to directly control the transfer of relevant data into ONSITE’s eView Platform. eView enables clients to conduct a highly productive review process through its flexible, multi-level review workflow approach, client administration capability, and robust ‘real-time’ productivity tool-kit".

"Legal teams often choose a combination of in-house and hosted solutions for e-discovery in order to lower costs. Now ONSITE and Clearwell have brought together the best of both worlds through our collaborative development efforts," said Kurt Leafstrand, director of product management, Clearwell Systems. "Our joint clients can now utilize the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform in-house for early case assessment, defensible search and intelligent culling, and then transition to ONSITE’s hosted eView platform for large document review projects."

"I have long espoused the value of vendors working together to create better e-discovery offerings, which is one of the reasons the EDRM was founded," said George J. Socha, principal analyst with Socha Consulting and co-founder of the EDRM. "The collaboration between ONSITE and Clearwell should provide end users with increased flexibility for addressing challenging and often unpredictable e-discovery requirements, which can vary greatly in both size and complexity from case to case."

To learn more about ONSITE’s eView Review Platform, visit For more information about the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform, visit ONSITE currently offers Clearwell’s E-Discovery Platform under its First Line Analysis(TM) offering.

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Clearwell Systems is transforming the way enterprises perform e-discovery in response to litigation, regulatory inquiries, and corporate investigations. By automating the processing, analysis and review of all electronically stored information, Clearwell enables enterprises to accelerate early case assessments, lower processing costs, reduce review workload, and gain control of e-discovery. Clearwell was ranked a Top 5 e-discovery software provider overall as well as a Top 5 e-discovery provider for processing, analysis, review, and production in the 2008 Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey. For more information, visit or read the E-discovery 2.0 blog at:


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